Dickson Senior Square Dancers train their wits |  news

Thursday noon is square dancing at the Dickson Senior Center.

It is not only fun, but also promotes coordination, memory, sharpens coordination and social skills.

Many of the challenges were in the right position when instructor Frank Gray made the square dance calls.

“You learn to use your brain and your body at the same time,” said center member Jane Crocker. “You have to think about what you are being told and apply it to your body. I enjoy being with people and I enjoy being with people. “

Frequent participant Cookie Burgess pointed out that the class does a lot more than just teach someone to square dance.

“It actually works my brain,” she said. “As we age, our brains get older too, and that helps keep my brain young. The brain has to think. Moving around and being with everyone – it’s just fun. It’s a great class. I was sure that I would enjoy this course, but beyond that, I fell in love with it. “

Harold Cecil, 91, said he was looking forward to Thursday’s square dance class.

“I enjoy being with everyone the most, and it’s good for my health,” said Cecil. “When I came here, I had no strength to do anything. I gained a lot of strength. I am active now. It is such a wonderful place. “

Gray also said the teacher benefits from the class.

“There is a sense of accomplishment, movement, and fun,” said Gray. “I enjoy doing that. I have so much fun taking someone who’s really having a hard time and teaching them to dance – that means a lot. And I’ve seen dancers get through three or four classes before they finally got it. But then they were good dancers. Just teaching them something they’ll have fun with – that means a lot. “

Gray said that his series of commands – “Go back and watch your partner, do a Doe si Doe, right shoulder, right shoulder, look in your corner – are reminders that repetition and trust are critical components in execution.

The results were a bit awkward at first and provoked both laughter and frustration among the participants.

“Square dancing is great for the mind and body,” said center director Joan Rial. “You have to learn and remember many steps. Keeping the body moving is just as important as the brain. The fun and camaraderie are just extra. “