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Lucknow: Healthy eating habits, regular health checkups, and exercise can keep your heart healthy, experts said at a recent health talk session – Prevention of Heart Disease – organized by Apollomedics Hospital and the Rotary Club.
The managing director and CEO of the Apollomedics Hospital Dr. Mayank Somani said, “Today, even the younger generation suffers from serious health problems such as heart disease, diabetes, blood pressure, etc., and only because of an unhealthy lifestyle.”
“Almost 1.79 billion people die of heart disease every year, so it is very important to lead a healthy lifestyle. Keeping your body hydrated is very important for a healthy life, including healthy eating and yoga and exercise, ”he added.
Senior physician in charge, interventional cardiologist Dr. (Col) Ajay Bahadur from Apollomedics Hospital spoke about preventing heart disease. He said the World Health Organization is stressing the use of less salt to prevent heart disease.
Regular blood pressure and cholesterol tests, body mass index (BMI) determination, avoidance of an unhealthy diet, consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables, daily exercise were some of his tips to prevent heart diseases.
He went on to say that citrus fruits like oranges and lemons contain good amounts of vitamin C and reduce the risk of heart disease.
“It is recommended to stay away from fruit juices with added sugar. High fiber vegetables like beans, okra, and brinjal help in reducing the levels of cholesterol from the body. Food like oats, fish and nuts are also very good for the heart, ”say experts.