Emergency training simulates a leak in a gas plant in Taylor |  Energiestadt.de

As part of the exercise, Taylor’s emergency siren system was tested and the district emergency call center and emergency response services were set up in the town hall. Holder said the goal is to see how quickly they can set up their emergency operations.

“We went one step further with the establishment of the ESS reception center,” says Holder. “In a real incident, this reception center would not have been set up in our community.”

Emergency support service teams now have an online registration component, Holder said, noting residents are now registered with the province in the event of emergencies.

During a real emergency, Holder said all residents should follow instructions from emergency experts but also be ready to leave immediately if necessary.

“We never know if we have 10 minutes or sometimes when it’s high tide we know we have a few hours or sometimes days. It’s a lot easier, ”he said. “It depends on these speeds.”

PRRD residents can sign up for public notifications at nebcalerts.com.