Exercise less like work

Americans have a love-hate relationship with sports. Some people just exercise so they can indulge in eating, eating, and drinking that weekend, but that makes exercise a chore. It becomes something you don’t have to do because you want to or because you enjoy it. At EatThis.com, they spoke to top fitness professionals for their tips and tricks to make exercise feel less like work.

Jenny Jaucian, PT, a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, 200-Hour Yoga Alliance Instructor, Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach, and the founder of Jenny J Fitness says: do it because it makes for a more satisfying and enjoyable experience. Examples to change your perspective on fitness see how daily exercise helps increase energy and focus throughout the day, [and recognizing it as an] a way to relieve stress and anxiety. “

Exercise is supposed to be tough, so be kinder to yourself. Start with something that interests you, and if you don’t like it, you don’t feel like you need to continue the same routine. Change things or let go of things that don’t pique your interest.

The first 8 minutes will always be a fight. Once your endorphins are set in motion, exercise will no longer feel like such a burden.

Certified personal trainer, Jeanette DePatie, says that “date” exercises should not “marry” her off. She says, “There is more to it than swimming, cycling and running. Maybe it’s stand up paddle boarding. Maybe it’s tango lessons. Maybe it’s aerial exercises or pole dancing. You may need to kiss some fitness frogs before you find your dream exercise program. “

Hype yourself! Say to yourself, “You have this!” We’re more likely to follow our own advice if you say it out loud to yourself. One study showed that cyclists who talked to themselves before a race were able to increase their endurance by 39%.

Don’t you feel motivated? Try exercising with a partner. It will hold you accountable and be a lot more fun with a friend.

Don’t just focus on how your body will eventually look. Instead, think about what exercise can do for you in other aspects of your life. For example, it can make you more confident, it’s a great stress reliever and mood enhancer.

Finally, be grateful for who you are inside and out. Be grateful that you can move around freely. Not everyone has the opportunity to be physically active, so be glad you did!