Fitness business The Woodlands Lagree brings a new form of exercise to the region

To-ong performs a lunge with resistance on the Lagree machine. To-ong said she teaches her clients to do slow, controlled exercises so that they will leave the session with a sense of pain and success. (Ally Bolender / Community Impact Newspaper)

Angelyne To-ong opened The Woodlands Lagree after falling in love with high-intensity, low-impact endurance training. To-ong said she has always led a healthy lifestyle but wanted something more consistent and with noticeable results, so she started with Lagree. “I’ve tried everything. I wasn’t a fan of yoga; I wasn’t a spin fan, ”said To-ong.

After practicing lagree for about four years, To-ong said she decided to open her own studio in The Woodlands in June 2020. The Woodlands Lagree is the first Lagree studio in The Woodlands, she said.

To-ong said Lagree is well known on the east and west coasts, but it’s gaining recognition in the Houston area.

The technique is named after the French Pilates teacher Sebastien Lagree, who developed the workout and opened the first studio in Los Angeles, To-ong said.

“Lagree is so new to Texas and even here in The Woodlands. … There are still people who haven’t heard from Lagree, ”To-ong said. “So I still have to spread the word.”

The Lagree Method

Woodlands Lagree has eight certified instructors who lead 45-minute full-body classes with music and encouragement.

Lagree uses equipment with different levels of resistance to allow users to perform different exercises. The machines have a sliding platform as well as handles, bungees and other moving parts.

A lagree class starts with core exercises before moving on to arms, legs, and oblique muscles, she said. To-ong said the workout uses slow and controlled movements to tone and strengthen muscles throughout the body while increasing flexibility.

“I want every customer to know they just did one of the toughest workouts ever and did it,” she said.

To-ong said Lagree is for all genders, ages and abilities. She said her oldest customer was 67 years old.

“You can see [a client’s] Progress, ”said To-ong. “It is a good feeling. It’s really about the matter. “

Delayed opening

To-ong said the studio was originally scheduled to open in April 2020 but the pandemic caused a delay. “I even had some waiting list courses [after] open six months during COVID[-19]which was great, ”said To-ong.

When the studio opened, To-ong worked as a respiratory therapist, which has been her profession for 16 years. She is still assisting during the current wave of COVID-19 but is mostly focused on her Lagree business and hopes to expand to Magnolia in the future, she said.

“For me it was, ‘I have to do something for my health,'” said To-ong. “I have two children now and I want to be healthy for them.”

The Woodlands Lagree

207 East Shore Drive, Ste. 160, The Forests


Opening times: Mon.-Fri. 6:30 a.m. – 6:30 p.m., Sat.-Sun. 7: 30-10: 30 a.m.