High Blood Pressure Exercises: 5 Workouts to Lower Your Risk of High Blood Pressure Symptoms


Swimming is especially good for people who have joint pain or are unable to do more vigorous exercise.

Swimming, when done regularly, is reported to be very effective in lowering blood pressure in patients with high blood pressure.

This can be achieved with varying degrees of intensity, ranging from mild to moderate.

As with all expert recommended exercise, 30 minutes is the optimal time for health benefits.

A little HIIT

While high-intensity workouts are not always recommended for people with high blood pressure, Ms. Stone points out their effectiveness when it comes to “metabolic conditioning”.

She told Express.co.uk, “High-intensity interval training is determined by your fitness level – if you find it intense, this is it.

“Choose exercises that initially keep your head above your heart: squat jumps, shuttle runs or kettlebell swings, for example.

“After warming up, turn it on for 30 seconds and off for 10 minutes.

“Then switch to 40 seconds and 20 seconds when you get fitter. From here you build on phases of active recovery, for example jumping jacks for 40 seconds and wide squats for 20 seconds.

“You should be breathless at the beginning of your rest period and be ready to walk again when you finish – although this subsides with longer training sessions.

“This approach to exercise results in metabolic conditioning; the heart is stronger and the cardiovascular system more efficient, which significantly lowers your blood pressure over time.”