If it’s not something that people do regularly, exercise might be perceived as an obligation, a dull routine. But what if there was the possibility of moving it from being a chore with equipment and time , to something that could be popped into the mouth? What if someone could possibly take in exercise? A new study by Stanford University has brought the world one step closer to this realisation.

The results were published in the journal Nature Researchers in across the United States have discovered the chemical that is responsible for exercise’s connection to hunger.

Their initial goals were to understand what causes people to be hungry.

As part of their research they found that the molecule known as Lac-Phe which is created in the course of exercising.

This molecule helps to reduce weight gain and consumption of food.

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In a presentation on their research, Prof. Young Xu said: “If we are able to determine the mechanism through which exercise can trigger these health benefits, then we’re closer to helping lots of people get healthier.”

It was Co-author Jonathan Long who said these advantages were conveyed through pills.

Long stated that the pill may aid in prolonging life: “We wanted to understand how exercise operates at the molecular scale in order to understand the advantages.

“For instance, elderly or weaker people who are unable to exercise enough may someday benefit from taking an medication to reduce the risk of developing osteoporosis, heart disease, and other diseases.”


Professor Xu said: “Our next steps include learning more about the way Lac-Phe regulates its effects on the body, including the brain.

“Our objective is to figure out how to modify this exercise path to provide therapies.”

While more research is required to discover how to manage and pack this molecule, it is a significant first step towards the development of an exercise pill’.

Although this is an important scientific breakthrough but there are many other factors than physical fitness to keep exercising in the way they do now.

In addition to helping people shed pounds and enhance their physical health, exercising is also good for mental health.

Exercise produces a variety of brain hormones like serotonin.

These hormones can improve well-being and mood.

While the future might be like Aldous’s Brave New World, the traditional ways of life may be for a while, or at least people, the best.