Jordans trains his skills at the National Junior Shorthorn Show |  news

LOUISVILLE, Kentucky – Junior Shorthorn enthusiasts from 28 states competed in the 2021 National Junior Shorthorn Show and Youth Conference in Louisville, Kentucky June 21-26.

The juniors not only competed with their animals, but also had the opportunity to take part in 15 individual, team or national competitions.

The mouth watered when the groups competed against each other in the Beef Cook-Off Contest. The aim of the competition is for each national group to prepare the best dish from the wholesale beef rib. The evaluation criteria are based on creativity, teamwork and knowledge of the product / industry of the team in the presentation, as well as the taste, originality and presentation of the beef product.

Locally, the Indiana 2 team of Jemma Jordan, Charlotte Jordan, Chloe Jordan and Jack Jordan from Rensselaer took second place overall in the cook-off. The Jordans finished the competition behind the Ohio 2 team.

American Shorthorn Association Executive Secretary / CEO Montie Soules said, “The National Junior Shorthorn Show and Youth Conference is just as competitive and educational as the cattle show. The youth of this breed take pride in participating in a number of competitions. This provides young exhibitors with leadership and communication skills that will help them advance in their lifelong goals. One of the things I’m most proud of about this event is the high participation rate we have in our competitions. Our junior board and staff are committed to offering new and updated competitions that will challenge junior members with the technology available in today’s world. This prepares the Shorthorn youth for their future. “

The Indiana 1 team Piper Cates, John Humphreys, Reid Utterback and Miller Smith finished fourth overall.

The Indiana 1 team had the winning recipe, while the Alabama Red team won the Showmanship Award.

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