A recent study by researchers from Cambridge University of Cambridge shows that people that exercise less are likely be depressed even when they do not exercise at what is recommended.

The Department of Health and Human Services suggests that adults engage in between 2 1/2 and 5 hours of moderate activity each week, or 1 hour and fifteen minutes to two and a half hours vigorous aerobic exercise each week, or a combination of both.

Adults who went for a vigorous stroll for two and a half hours per week were less likely be depressed than those who did not exercise in any way as the study revealed.

However, even those who exercised less did much better than the ones who did not exercise according to research.

“In this research, low amounts in physical exercise were linked with significantly lower risks in depression” according to the research.

The researchers looked at 15 studies involving nearly 200 000 participants.

The participants who performed less than less than half of the recommended amount of exercise per week, had a lower chance of being depressed compared to those who didn’t exercise, the study states.

The participants who exercised at the recommended amount of time had a lower risk of for depressive symptoms than the ones who didn’t. Doing more exercise than the recommended amount has little impact on the risk of depression according to research.

A variety of aspects of exercise can result in improved mental health. For example exercise can improve cerebral circulation and stimulate your central nervous system. This can lead to what is often referred to as”runners high. “runners elevated,” according to the research.

Exercise can result in improved physical health as well as a healthier appearance, which may make a person more social, according to research.

Around 5% of the people in U.S. report regular feelings of depression, as per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

In the case of study participants Researchers estimate that 1 out of 9 cases of depression could have been avoided if all participants followed the exercise guidelines as recommended according to the study.