SHEPPARD AIR FORCE BASE, Texas – The 82nd Medical Group completed a week-long training program to improve their medical readiness skills with a mass casualty drill on September 17, 2021.

2nd Lt. Megan Schwinghammer, 82nd MDG Medical Readiness Officer, said Ready Eagle, which is led by the Air Force Medical Readiness Agency, is designed to help the various response teams within the organization know how to respond in the event of a disaster. From setting up decontamination areas, to caring for patients, to working with security guards and labor, Ready Eagle tested the medical group’s ability to be prepared for any event.

“We train for situations that could happen in the real world,” she said. “So when I saw and knew what you did today, I think you went way beyond that.”

Adam Christmann, the base manager of Sheppard’s Ready Eagle, said the medical readiness activity is conducted at each air force base and is focused on the emergency medical plan teams within each organization. The program is designed to train staff at the beginning of the week and then watch the teams demonstrate their skills with exercises.

He said scenarios could include how the public health team reacts to a pandemic, the pharmacy dispenses medication during a pandemic or disease outbreak, and how the medical control center is able to handle situations like an explosion or chemical incident.

Christmann said the teams at Sheppard performed well overall during the drills and would be able to repeat this in a real-life event.

“The Sheppard teams had to train all week and by the end of the week they were ready to go. You would have saved many lives with your performance here today, ”he said. “In most disasters, we may not be able to save everyone, but we’ve seen Team Sheppard do a great job. The 82nd group of doctors definitely – I think the training was worth it. Your performance was outstanding. “

Christmann said the Ready Eagle is not an inspection, it is designed to help, train and ensure that medical personnel are prepared for their work.