Nolan Arenado will not exercise the opt-out clause this off-season

Nolan Arenado had previously indicated on a number of occasions that he is unlikely to give up his current contract with the Cardinals. This afternoon he officially put every idea of ​​exercising the opt-out to bed.

“I’m not signing out,” said Arenado Derrick Goold of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. “We can get that out. I will not sign out. I will come back. That was always the plan. I will definitely come back. I have the feeling that this year was special in many ways. “

Arenado is set to return to St. Louis next season with a salary of $ 35 million (of which $ 6 million is on hold). He will have another opportunity to unsubscribe in the 2022-23 off-season and test the open market. His initial extension with the Rockies only contained the opt-out provision for the period after 2021, which Arenado waived. However, the Cardinals added the second opt-out as part of a reorganization to convince Arenado to forego its no-trade clause and facilitate the St. Louis deal with Colorado last winter.

As part of that compromise, the cards also added an extra year and $ 15 million in guaranteed money to Arenado’s contract. If he were to forego the opt-out next year, he would be guaranteed an additional $ 144 million between 2023-27. All in all, his contract spans an additional six years and $ 179 million beyond this season.

The Cardinals’ takeover of Arenado was one of the key moves of the last off-season. St. Louis abandoned a five-player package – Austin Gomber, Elehuris Montero, Tony locey, Mateo Gil and Jake Sommers – to get eight times the Gold Glover. He continued to perform well in his first season at Cardinal Red, albeit not quite at his peak. With 642 record appearances, Arenado beats .256 / .313 / .499 with 34 home runs. That’s a solid above average offensive production, and Arenado was once again rated as one of the game’s great defenders on the hot corner.

Arenado’s work is one of the main reasons the cards advance to the playoffs for the third year in a row. St. Louis started the month a little behind the postseason field, but they are currently in the midst of an incredible 17-game winning streak that has officially secured them a spot in next week’s NL Wild Card game.

As part of last offseason trading, Colorado agreed to defer 51 million of those payments over the next few seasons. Arenado has suggested in the past that he isn’t anxious to exercise next season’s opt-out either, but he has another year to assess the organization’s progress and decide whether to explore his options. In the next offseason, the free agents will also come with a little more certainty about the market structure, as the free agent will be clouded this winter by the impending expiry of the current collective agreement on December 1st.