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PHOENIX, July 13, 2021 / PRNewswire-PRWeb / – PoolFit, the world’s first on-demand aquatic fitness subscription service, introduces the PoolFit app, now available for iOS and Android. PoolFit is the first and only on-demand fitness streaming service focused on aquatic fitness and aqua aerobics, making it a prime destination for instructor-led water workout videos for mobile devices and desktops.

Launched in 2019 by the world’s leading water fitness expert, Mark Grevelding, PoolFit is designed to advance the aqua aerobics industry and bring a modernized, fresh approach to traditional aqua aerobics for every fitness level. With over 22 years of experience in the fitness industry, including personal training and group training, Grevelding applies land-based exercise science to PoolFit’s water fitness workout videos and offers science-based, results-oriented workouts specifically designed for pool training.

The PoolFit app gives users access to over a hundred water fitness workout videos comparable to traditional land workouts, including high-intensity interval training (HIIT), kick boxing, cardio, weight training, water yoga, and more. Training is offered in both deep and shallow water. The aqua aerobics workout videos are great for all fitness levels, body types, ages, and fitness goals. Each training video is directed by an Aquatic Exercise Association (AEA) certified trainer and personal training instructor who provides an expertly guided training experience in your own pool. PoolFit’s on-demand library of workout videos offers more than 50 athletic workouts for advanced exercisers, such as high intensity interval training (HIIT), tabata, kickboxing, and full-body boot camps, as well as workouts for less advanced participants such as water hiking, Arthritis exercises, yoga, stretching, light cardio and muscle training.

PoolFit’s simple user functionality makes it easy to narrow down its 100+ available videos according to a subscriber’s needs, thanks to simple search functions that sort the options by category, level and the available time of the subscribers. Subscribers can also access these workouts outside of the app world, so the service is not tied to a device and allows access to a variety of pool workouts on your phone, tablet, TV and web browser. The PoolFit app also offers advanced features, including favorites, search, categories, and Chromecast and Airplay options to transfer the training videos to TVs and Bluetooth audio devices.

“I want to dispel the myth that you can’t get good workout in the pool,” said the founder and creator of PoolFit. Mark Grevelding. “The PoolFit app provides users with convenience and accessibility to exercise at home, in their pool, just like traditional land-based fitness apps and training platforms.”

According to medical studies, water fitness has numerous health benefits, including beneficial effects on weight loss, cardiovascular health, core strength, bone density, muscle endurance and strength, flexibility, balance, and more. All of these health benefits are achieved in the low-impact water environment, where the buoyancy forces limit stress on the joints. Studies have also found that exercising in the water burns an average of 400-600 calories in a one-hour workout, while also causing the back burn to continue burning calories and increasing metabolism for up to 24 hours after the workout. A deep water study (Baretta 1993) showed that an average of 9.8 calories per minute are consumed during deep water exercise, which is the same as the calories burned on a 10-minute walk. Deep water training is “weightlessness fitness,” which means that your body has no impact or stress, so participants can train for a longer period of time and at a higher intensity. The “weightlessness fitness” experienced in aqua aerobics cannot be replicated in any other setting or achieved on land, which provides an improved athletic fitness program.

“If you’ve given up running and other fitness activities because of joint problems or chronic injuries, I have good news for you!” said Grevelding. “With water fitness, you can run again. Exercising in the pool enables you to be athletic and achieve your health and fitness goals.”

PoolFit can be downloaded for free and is available for iOS and Android smartphones on all major app marketplaces. PoolFit’s desktop and mobile app offers a free 30-day trial for all users and provides full access to all of PoolFit’s water fitness workout videos. PoolFit’s monthly subscription is $ 15.95 per month. Sample PoolFit workouts are also offered on the desktop and in the app. To learn more about PoolFit, please visit http://www.poolfit.tv.


PoolFit and the PoolFit App is the first and only on-demand aqua fitness streaming service and aqua aerobics app in the U.S. As the premier aqua fitness app, PoolFit features over one hundred water fitness workout videos led by certified, industry-leading aqua aerobics instructors that provide a personal training-inspired workout experience at home and in your own pool. PoolFit’s water exercise videos feature a variety of workouts for all ages and fitness levels, including workouts for arthritis, muscle conditioning, water jogging, HIIT, aqua yoga, deep water, flexibility, and more. PoolFit was created by the industry leader in aqua aerobics, Mark Grevelding, with a mission to make water fitness workouts accessible and result-oriented for all. PoolFit is committed to promoting aqua aerobics as well as health and wellness worldwide. To learn more about PoolFit and to subscribe to free PoolFit workout videos for a month, please visit http://www.poolfit.tv.

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