Precautions when exercising outdoors

Precautions when exercising outdoors

RENO, Nev. (KOLO) – The summer heat can turn the most mundane tasks into a chore. People who exercise as part of their daily routine can find it especially difficult when it is so hot. There are a few ways to work up a sweat safely and healthily.

Stephanie Leff from St. Mary’s Training Center shared how to stay as cool as possible when exercising outdoors.

“People should hydrate before they exercise outside, while they exercise outside, and also after they exercise outside,” she said. “So people should have water with them and make sure they take small sips while exercising.”

She also said the clothes you wear can have a huge impact. Lightweight, light-colored clothing that wicks away moisture is one way to stay as cool as possible during an outdoor workout.

Listening to your body and knowing that you can adjust your workouts as needed are additional precautions to take as the temperature rises.

For more information on health and wellness, visit the St. Mary’s Training Center website by clicking here.

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