Skagit harbor adds practice stations |  Local news

The Port of Skagit has installed three training stations on its route system west of Burlington and plans to add two more.

The port’s network of hiking trails includes around 16 km of hiking trails in the vicinity of Skagit Regional Airport.

Port spokeswoman Linda Tyler said the port has seen a significant increase in route use since the COVID-19 pandemic began.

“It was great to see the community using this capital to their advantage,” she said.

Tyler said an airport renter and trail user suggested adding training stations along the trails. The stations can be used for sit-ups, leg raises, pull-ups, and more.

The port bought five training stations for $ 11,000, she said.

The first three stations were installed by the Fisher Construction Group on Thursday. The stations are on the section parallel to Higgins Airport Way between Ovenell Road and Crosswind Drive.

The port plans to install two more stations this fall.

“It adds some variety to our trails and challenges those who are looking for it,” said Tyler.