'Slow and Steady': Gradual Return to the Training Key for New Mothers Wanting To Avoid Injury - Fitness Pro

Norman and Smith are out to remove some of the harmful messages surrounding getting back to exercise, including the idea of ​​”returning your body to what it was before you were born”.

“We have mothers all the time who come to us when they’re too tough too quickly,” revealed Norman.

“In New Zealand you get a six-week clearance and then you are told that you can do sports again. Most of the time, this means women are trying to go back to what they did before giving birth and harm themselves.

“There are so many physiological changes that take place during a nine-month pregnancy: changes in hormones, posture, adrenal system … it doesn’t go back to normal after the baby.”

Too far too soon can lead to hazards like prolapse or pelvic pain, says Norman, with the key being a “slow, steady, and gradual” return to exercise.

“I always tell people that if you were to have knee surgery, your surgeon wouldn’t tell you you were doing what you did before the surgery. You would be working a team of professionals.” [to rehabilitate]”It would be done gradually with many check-ups along the way,” she said.

“[But] When it comes to babies, mothers have a six-week check-up, which can be pretty superficial, and then they’re told to do it. “