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The Bowflex C7 exercise bike is at a massive 50% discount at the Best Buy SFGATE

Get the Bowflex C7 Bike for $350 at Best Buy. 

Purchase the Bowflex C7 bike for $350 from Best Buy.


Spin classes are great and all however, it is a pain to set the alarm earlier to get yourself from town to town and get there in time. Don’t be a slave to excessively early wake-ups when you have this bike from Bowflex, currently priced at $349.99 rather than $699.99 at Best Buy.


The bike, as many other bikes of the moment comes with a JRNY-branded screen in rear of the bike. The screen gives riders daily workouts and coaching that is tailored to your capabilities and goals. You can also stream directly from the screen, so that you don’t need to put it into your bedroom because you already have an TV. It’s home to Netflix, Disney+, and many more (just provide your subscription information) The platform was designed so that you can access your coaching as well as streaming without switching between screens.

The rides are cool as well: There are over 50 routes based on the same routes around the globe The scenery that you’re riding through changes in real-time to the you’re riding your bike.

There are a myriad of ways to justify the cost (the emission reductions you can get from not driving! the chance to get several more ZZZs! Being able to complete three 10-minute sets in short breaks during your work hours instead of just one hour! ) However, here’s some fitness math for you: If you pay $100 per month for access to the gym it will cost you about the same amount as 3.5 months of walking to your routine of workout. If you are paying $50 a month for a gym membership, then the price on this bike is equivalent to 7 months of membership.

Additionally the bike is also included with a year-long membership to JRNY’s training and workouts. It’s priced at $149. You can also connect the bike using apps such as Peloton and Zwift on your phone or tablet, or even a smart TV, but they’re not compatible with the bike’s screen.

BestBuy at $349.99 right now, before the sale expires.

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