In the course of the pandemic the rates of depression soared. Many sufferers today have intermittent or chronic depression-related symptoms. The month of Mental Health Awareness Month is the perfect time to look after and ensure you mental well-being. There are many depression treatment options readily available, however the most simple and most effective is your feet.

Duke University concluded that exercise can be as beneficial for sufferers of depression as antidepressants. In their well-known SMILE (Standard medical intervention as well as Long-term Exercise) study, it was concluded that “a 30 minute walk at a brisk pace or jog along the track three times per week might be the same effective at relieving symptoms of depression as the traditional treatment with antidepressants.” It concluded exercising “is connected to substantial therapeutic benefits, particularly when it is continued for a long period of long periods of time.”

Think about making exercise routines even a walk an ongoing habit. You could even invite to walk with someone you cherish who suffers from depression. This could be the best treatment.