The Zapad exercise demonstrated the troops' ability to maintain regional security - Shoigu - military and defense

MOSCOW, October 6th. / TASS /. The Russian-Belarusian strategic exercise Zapad-2021 has demonstrated the ability of a bilateral force to effectively maintain regional security, Shoigu said while summarizing the results of the exercise on Wednesday.

“The joint strategic exercise Zapad-2021 showed that the personnel are better trained and that the combined bilateral forces can effectively cope with the tasks of maintaining regional security. I believe that the objectives of the exercise were achieved and the training was carried out in full, ”said Shoigu called.

A total of 200,000 soldiers were involved, 2,000 of them from the CSTO and SCO member states and other countries.

Schoigu stressed that the total number of participants did not contradict the Vienna Document.

10-16 The joint strategic exercise Zapad-2021 took place on September 1st. Shoigu said it was the final phase of joint combat training for the Belarusian and Russian armed forces and the most important training event this year.