They use state officials for exercise

At the direction of the Minister of Public Security of Tamaulipas, a total of 76 elements of the state police undergo an aptitude test, including a physical fitness test.

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As a result, the troops were transferred to the Laguna del Carpentero area on Saturday, where they carried out various routine exercises in a green area, both men and women, in order to be in optimal hygienic conditions.

The Tamaulipas Force authorities have stated that officers must adhere to the provisions of the guidelines, which are referred to as “The Seven Essential Police Skills.” Physical conditioning, knowledge of weapons, knowledge of completing an approved police report (IPH), police defense, driving rescue vehicles, driving detainees, disposition and reaction to fire.

These tests are carried out every 3 years and are aimed at ensuring that PEA officers perform well and, above all, are able to act in situations that require their intervention to ensure the safety of the population.

Activities are intended to take place at times that do not overlap their service hours in the Metropolitan District Control.