TTU psychiatrist recommends anti-anxiety exercises

TTU psychiatrist recommends anti-anxiety exercises

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) – Returning to school can be a great deal of anxiety, even in the best of circumstances. Today, under the pressure of the pandemic, it’s no wonder children. together with their mothers and fathers, may face new struggles with this new world in which we live.

Dr. Sarah Wakefield is a psychiatrist and Texas Tech Physician. As chairman of the Department of Psychiatry, she would like to remind you that one thing always remains the same: The easiest and cheapest way to combat anxiety and depression is to exercise.

She says, “We know that 10 to 20 minutes of intense exercise can release endorphins and these neurotransmitters. It can boost your serotonin production. So, if you’re having a really bad moment or day, feeling down, or in the middle of a depression, when you can bring yourself to just doing 10 to 20 minutes of vigorous exercise, it will actually release the hormones, these Neurotransmitters that we target with many of the drugs. “

This is not just good advice for our * mental health.

Coincidentally, a new study presented to the European Society of Cardiology (which meets virtually this week) is a review of nine studies involving more than 33,000 patients with heart disease.

Overall, the researchers found that sedentary people who got active had a 45% lower risk of early death from any cause than those who never exercised.

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