There are probably a lot of habits that you implement into your routine to help in prolonging your life. Of course, no matter how much you would like and hope for it, there’s no magic fountain of youth drink that you can enjoy during breakfast every day. However, there are small changes you can make to your diet, modifications that you can implement into your routine for wellness as well as positive mantras to adopt, and harmful practices to avoid to increase the likelihood of being healthier for longer.

Based on StudyFinds the study conducted by StudyFinds of Japan found that working out all day long doesn’t necessarily increase longevity, but it could cause you to lose your life. You read it right! It’s crucial to review your habits and discover the mistakes you’ve made. It all begins with a couple of simple steps such as eating a diet packed with lean protein fruits, vegetables, and vegetables and strength training; reducing the stress of your day; and making sure you’re exercising.

In order to increase your everyday activities it is recommended to train at least 2 to 3 times per week, while focusing in enhancing your performances every week. This can mean using heavier loads, doing more reps or both. We’ll now discuss your cardio exercises. It’s equally beneficial to do them after your strength workouts or on a different day. Most important is to do them often, as they’re a crucial element of your exercise routine.

Consistency is essential in being fit. However, there are some training habits that you should avoid. It’s not difficult to start doing things that can be detrimental. In fact, they could even cut down your life or lower the quality of the life you lead.

Below are three harmful exercises that are quite widespread, and you might not even realize you’re engaged in these. It’s always beneficial to take a close examination of your fitness routine and check whether you’re doing any of the following. Find out more about these bad routines, and then to read, you can check out the 6 Most Effective Exercises to build strong and toned Arms by 2022. a Trainer Says.


While performing strength training and the HIIT style of cardio are great to build muscle and burn fat Many fitness people make the mistake of ignoring steady-state cardio, especially the Zone 2 exercise. What’s the reason this is a mistake? By training in Zone 2 it is possible to develop an aerobic foundation that will improve the mitochondrial function as well as your resting heart rate. It can also reduce your blood pressure.

Include steady-state cardio into your weekly routine immediately particularly zone 2 workouts. It is easy to get started with the routine by starting with two sessions of cardio that last 30-45 minutes.

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If you’re constantly redlining during your workouts and trying to wreck yourself by training every day You’re creating more damage than benefit for your body. A lot of people take this route, but it’s an easy way to overtraining. In doing so, you can beat up your nervous system and your joints.

That brings me to my second point. If you’re feeling like you’re not progressing lately in your training It’s possible that the reason could be that you’re increasing intensity or the volume too much and not recovering. You must plan the right amount of time. What you need to do is gradually increase the intensity and volume of your workout in one or two days where you only focus on mobility or stretching or a less intense workout to allow your body to rest.

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The second bad habit to be addressed is one that does not befall many people however it’s one that must be shattered immediately. Like doing too much strength training, doing it with too much cardio may result in more damage than positive effects for your heart.

If you’re doing several hours of aerobic exercise each day, you’re up in the same place doing the same amount of work as the most extreme endurance athletes. Thiscan, unfortunately, cause atrial fibrillation as well as other heart-related issues. As we mentioned earlier, evaluate your level of fitness without overtraining and adhere to the amount of exercise during your exercise routine.


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Tim Liu, C.S.C.S.

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