Water aerobics offers exercises with less stress on the body

Water aerobics offers exercises with less stress on the body

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) – Aquagym is a gentle exercise that provides cardio, toning, and toning with less stress on the body.

“You really have to get to the swimming pool to understand water resistance. When you are in the water, you are only 50 percent of your body weight. Everyone who has problems on land at our age can get into the water and move around. It’s a wonderful thing, ”said Joan Miller, water aerobics instructor with the Lower Cape Fear YWCA.

Joan Miller has been a water aerobics instructor for 38 years.

“You train the upper body. You’re working lower body. Arm movements. Leg movements, of course. We have some twists with the trunk. They use cardio and each work at their own pace, ”Miller said.

Cheryl Ridenour is a regular in class, coming five days a week after having spinal surgery in March.

“It just feels great to be here. I know that I am doing something good for myself and my body. The movement of the arms, the legs, the core, everything just strengthens this spine, which is perfect for it, ”said Ridenour.

But that’s not the only reason she hates missing out on a class.

“In addition to the exercise, you have camaraderie, you have great music, you have women who laugh and talk to each other. It’s just great all around, ”said Ridenhour.

Another regular in the class is Ann Hill. Hill is 85 years old and started taking aqua aerobics classes when her doctor suggested it after knee surgery 15 years ago. She did something to stay active all her life.

“I have a heart story in my family, people with heart attacks. I’m the only one of six siblings who haven’t had a heart attack, so I think exercise was my key, ”said Ann Hill, a participant in the water aerobics class.

Water aerobics also burns calories, improves flexibility, and lowers blood pressure.

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