If you’re just beginning to get started with fitness, you could be thinking about what the most effective exercise actually is. Like many things in the fitness industry there isn’t a single, simple answer. The most effective exercise is based on many factors but one of them is simple: satisfaction. Do you feel great after you’ve completed it? Do you look at each day and that you actually enjoy?

It is likely that you have heard the best kind of exercise is one that you really want to perform as well. This is for particular movements also. It’s not surprising that the research in Movement Science and Sport Psychology suggests that enjoyment and motivation as well as the ability to keep going by exercising–are incredibly interconnected. One of the most important factors in the likelihood that you will take pleasure in your workout? The feeling of confidence or control over the activities in the session.

The best way to build proficiency is through repetition. Through repetition of an exercise and over to improve your technique, you can fine-tune your form and become familiar with your exercise and, ultimately, become more proficient at it. This is the key to exercising efficiency, particularly if your aim is to build strength.

“Not changing your routine each time gives you a an understanding of progress and improve your form,” California-based personal trainer Rocky Snyder, CSCS, informs SELF. “It’s difficult to determine whether you’re improving with an exercise, like deadlifts, for instance, when you’ve never tried it more than once.”

If you discover an exercise that you enjoy do not be afraid to incorporate it into your routine on a regular basis (allowing the proper time for recovery Of course, you should take minimum of 48 hours prior to doing with the same muscle group). Contrary to what many people believe there is no need to concentrate on “muscle confusion”–or frequently mixing your workouts with different types of exercises in order to have effective exercises according to SELF said. It’s because focussing on the same workout allows you to work on progressive overload, which is a strength-training principle that allows you to become stronger by gradually pushing your muscles to be more challenging every time, for example adding weight. It’s also a great feeling of satisfaction from knowing that you’re making progress and getting better as you go along, according to Synder.

This is one reason why, trainers when asked about the one thing they’ll never abandon or include in clients’ workouts They tend to pick alternatives like those below: traditional complex exercises, that can be simple to enhance.

“These types of exercises give you an excellent foundation to continue to build upon in time,” Snyder says. “That’s why trainers depend on them both for their own training as well as for their clients.”

Ten top trainers to reveal their top exercise routines that they wouldn’t want to abandon. Look through this list and you might discover your new favorite workout routine and some that you’ll want do to get an excellent exercise routine that is balanced!