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Exton, Pennsylvania, September 23, 2021 / PRNewswire / -Eli Lilly just weeks after FDA approval of the extension of the Nurtec ODT label for the prophylactic treatment of temporary migraines Patients were compared with transient migraine headaches. With all the indicators of the very high uptake of Nurtec ODT in the preventive segment, Eli Lilly is actively defending branding opportunities in the marketplace and adding scientific evidence to support the role of the calcitonin gene related peptide (CGRP). I’ll try it. ) With migraines.

Included in the 3rd annual audit in Spherix RealWorld Dynamix ™: Migraine Prophylactic Treatment (USA) 221 neurologists and migraine specialists provided data from 1,013 patients. Patients included in the study were Nurtec ODT, Emgality, Amgen’s Aimovig, Teva’s Ajovy, Lundbeck’s Vyepti, or AbbVie’s (formerly Allergan, AbbVie) for the prophylactic treatment of migraines. ) I was prescribed migraines. July 2021 Field work.

Patients treated with Nurtec ODT were almost twice as likely to be diagnosed with rare transient migraine headaches, data from the chart audit show. This is in line with the preventive indications for transient migraines approved by gepant. By comparison, nearly a third of patients who recently prescribed Emgality were diagnosed with chronic migraines.

Consistent with this pattern, patients treated with Emgality are typically more likely to have severe migraine attacks and score 21 or higher on the Migraine Disorder Assessment Questionnaire (MIDAS) at time of marketing . Reflects severe or very severe migraine-associated disorders. Selection. In fact, nearly two in five patients were considered occupationally disabled when prescribed Emgality for migraines.

The decision to change a patient’s prophylactic regimen, either by initiating prophylactic treatment for the first time or by prescribing new options, was, in most cases examined, driven by the need for effectiveness. .. The most important effect-related factors were a lengthening or lengthening of the duration of migraine attacks with the prescription of Emgality and a persistent increase or worsening of the severity of the migraines with the prescription of Nurtec ODT. Reasons other than efficacy related to the change in treatment regimen for Emgality were patient requirements, tolerability, and sample availability.

Nurtec ODT, which is likely to benefit from widespread use as an acute treatment, is currently being prescribed as an early preventive treatment compared to Emgality. The majority of patients prescribed Nurtec ODT failed at most one pretreatment, while more than half were prescribed Emgality after two or more prophylactic failures. Among those who discontinued treatment, topiramate and / or antidepressants were the most likely previous treatments for both brands.

Contributing physicians are significantly more likely to agree that response rates to CGRP monoclonal antibodies (i.e., Emgality) and Nurtec ODT response rates are superior to, but are expected to be effective, topiramate or botox. Was key in deciding to prescribe topiramate.

Nurtec ODT was most commonly prescribed for its long-lasting effectiveness, rate of onset of action, and response rate of 50% or greater. Although Nurtec ODT was the first oral CGRP antagonist, its dose profile properties failed to break the top five reasons for prescribing it. In comparison, the preferred safety profile and preferred automatic syringe were one of the most common reasons for deciding to prescribe Emgality.

Emgality lost more than half of the brand’s potential new prescribing options to other brands. In comparison, Nurtec ODT tends to succeed when it is likely to be an alternative option during the treatment selection process. In direct competition with Emgality, Nurtec ODT focused on preferred dosage formulas and increased convenience to take advantage of new prescribing options.

But in the end, it seems that Nurtec ODT’s toughest competitors are Aimovig and Botox (not Emgality), with the expectation of having fewer migraine days each month and increasing patient demand for new children on the block. Support the victory of each of these brands against. With the approval of Nurtec ODT for temporary migraines and Botox for chronic migraines, AbbVie will be PDUFA positive for the prophylactic treatment of migraines by the end of this month. Expects to focus.

Although Aimovig and Emgality antagonize CGRP by different mechanisms, the positive results of Eli Lilly’s planned direct comparative study showing that they are more effective than Nurtec ODT are the positive results of Amgen’s future with Nurtec ODT and Atogepant. It can help make competition easier.

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According to Spherix patient-level data, Biohaven’s Nurtec ODT has found earlier use as a preventative treatment for patients with less severe migraines compared to Eli Lilly’s Emgality.state

Source link According to Spherix patient-level data, Biohaven’s Nurtec ODT is being used earlier as a preventive treatment for patients with less severe migraines compared to Eli Lilly’s Emgality.state