Can Full Moons Cause Headaches?


Can’t we be the only ones having a headache this week? Sure, it could be because of those stressful Zoom meetings or maybe too much Pinot in the pub last night, but a lot of folks on social media attribute it to something else: this week’s full moon.

You may have heard this before, as people often claim in the run-up to a full moon that they have migraines or headaches due to the position of the moon. We’ve already talked about how to live by the phases of the moon and how the moon can affect our mood – so could there be a “full moon migraine”?

Effects of a Full Moon

Human behavior changes were attributed to the heaviness of the moon as early as 400 B.C. After all, the word “lunatic” is derived from the idea that emotional changes on the moon are linked to changes in mental state.

History suggests that the different moon phases affect the ability of humans to reason: Legendary British jurist William Blackstone noted that people gained or lost their abilities to reason based on the moon’s phases.

Lunar cycles might affect humans in some way, and that possibility isn’t completely illogical.

As the moon phases change, so do the tides, and a number of marine species – such as coral reefs and sea-dwelling worms – have reproductive cycles closely synchronized to the moon’s cycles.

Why Does the Moon Affect Us?

The Moon impacts the Earth significantly in terms of its gravitational pull, but how else does it impact things? There have been assertions that virtually every function in the human body is controlled or influenced by the moon, especially for females: menstrual cycles often align with the lunar cycle, which likely explains menstrual migraines and hormonal migraines that are associated with the full moon and new moon.

It has been documented that some people even suffer from migraines and flare-ups during a Full Moon or New Moon period.

The Moon is known to affect behavior and mood, sleep patterns, and digestion, among other things.

Even though the Moon can somehow trigger migraines, we don’t always have to blame it, even though we cannot deny its powerful influence. Several people argue that in many cases we are already sick because there are already underlying issues. However, the Moon simply exacerbates those problems.

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Twitter user Anele wrote: “We have a strawberry super full moon in Capricorn on June 24th at 8:39 pm. Full moon effects can be felt 3 days before, during the full moon, and 7 days after:

– Expect stomach cramps, nausea, headache, shortness of breath, loss of appetite, and depression / anxiety attacks. “

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We have a strawberry super full moon in Capricorn on June 24th at 8:39 pm.

Full moon effects can be felt 3 days before, during the full moon and 7 days after:

– Expect stomach cramps, nausea, headache, shortness of breath, loss of appetite, and depression / anxiety attacks

– Anele 🥢 (@ Nelzie101) June 21, 2021

“Got the stinker of a migraine for the past two days after not having had it in years. They used to come during the full moon. Doctors may think that’s nonsense, but hmmm, the timing is strange,” says another user.

Another writes: “Every damn new moon and full moon I get a migraine that cannot be contained, I’m DONE”.

Another added, “Did anyone get a full moon migraine last night? Never been awakened by such pain before.”

This is how you make sure that the strawberry supermoon doesn’t devastate your emotions

What You Can Do to Prepare

A majority of precautions to be taken during these times are routine practices we should always follow. A migraineur must always take care of themselves if they are to avoid migraines.

Migraineurs should always practice migraine prevention so that in certain circumstances where an external force can worsen or trigger your migraine, you can be ready to ease yourself from the pain.

  1. Hydration

You probably already know this, but when you suffer from migraines, water is essential all the time. It is important to increase your water intake during these times because it’s said that gravitational forces can dehydrate your body faster. It is recommended that you drink an extra full glass of water every day.

  1. Get Plenty of Rest

This one is a no-brainer since getting a proper sleep-wake cycle is crucial to everyone’s overall health, especially people who frequently suffer migraines. When the middle of a moon cycle approaches, it is much easier to keep a regular sleep schedule than when the Full or New Moon is approaching, so taking those extra steps to be able to reach deep sleep or REM sleep is essential. This way, you’ll have enough sleep before a new and full moon comes.

  1. Take Time to Relax and Breathe

Although we can’t control everything around us, we do have some control over the functions of our bodies, including the emotions we put in them. We can prevent stressful migraine triggers and rest and relax a bit to prevent those little annoyances and worries we seem to encounter all the time.


What a Medical Doctor Says About It


We asked Dr. Ross Perry, a general practitioner and medical director of Cosmedics, what he thought of full moon migraines, but unfortunately, he wasn’t convinced. Sorry team.

“There’s no scientific data or research to suggest that a full moon affects a person’s health,” he says. “Migraines are a certain type of headache that typically affects one side of the head and can affect your eyesight and make you sick. They generally occur due to a spasm of blood vessels in the brain and neck area.

“Why this happens is unknown, but a migraine is often suspected when someone is ‘stressed’, has had too much alcohol, and is dehydrated. Lack of sleep and extreme fatigue can also cause tension headaches and migraines,” he explains.

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Could there be some kind of truth in the moon that then has an impact, especially since full moons can usually light up the sky and keep us awake?

“Of course, if you feel that the bright moon or brighter mornings are disturbing your sleep it can lead to lack of energy and fatigue which can lead to a migraine, make sure you are fully hydrated and try to reduce the level of stress that is the number one cause of tension headaches. “

The full moon that week on June 24th was the third in a series of super moons we’ve had lately. Super moons are brighter in the sky because the moon is a little closer to earth. Hence, while it is in the sky, its light may penetrate your blinds a little more.

So full moon migraine is perhaps a thing in the sense that a sleep disorder can cause a headache. If you are concerned about your headaches or migraines, always see your family doctor. For more information on headaches, visit