Changes in volatile summer temperature can cause migraines

(WYTV) – If you suffered from migraines this summer, we may have an explanation for it. You can always blame the weather. A serious change in temperature, for example, can trigger one.
Doctors say that if the temperature suddenly rises from 90 degrees to 70 degrees or vice versa, it in itself can trigger a migraine.
And you’d be surprised how many people suffer in silence.

“We have a lot of data that shows that many patients actually live with migraines for many, many years before they finally see a doctor,” said Dr. Emad Estemalik, a neurologist at the Cleveland Clinic. “And when they do, they usually say it’s a big impact [their] Living for many years and ‘I never took it seriously’ or ‘I always thought it was a sinus headache and I didn’t make much of it.’ “

First, find out what is triggering your migraines. It could be the weather or the hormones, stress, or even what you eat and drink.

In these warm summer weather, dehydration can also trigger migraines, so make sure you drink plenty of water this summer.