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To help reduce weight, improve metabolism and detox benefits green tea is recommended to everyone. It can also help relax muscles and ease pain in the body as well as migraines.

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New Delhi: It doesn’t matter if it’s migraines or due to poor vision or another issue The current generation is plagued by frequent , and sometimes chronic headaches more than the previous generation experienced. Even during monsoons the humidity can cause headaches. For relief, people will turn to specific remedies that are most effective. For instance, there are those who find relief through drinking the coffee they like and others may depend on a table, or a painkiller or to fall asleep. There are many who choose to drink tea to ease headaches naturally.

Find out more about the most effective teas for treating chronic headaches.

  1. Tulsi tea


    Tulsi is among the strongest and most effective treatments for a cold, cough and sore throat flu naturally. For those who suffer from migraines the drink may be the answer to treatment of headaches also. All you have to do is to boil some leaves of regular tea and then drink it.

  2. Ginger tea


    Ginger tea, aside from improving digestion, metabolism and improving immunity, may aid in easing headaches. Insufficiently eating healthy meals at lunchtime can trigger headaches that can be treated by drinking ginger tea.

  3. The tea chamomile

    It is a caffeine-free beverage that is packed with


    which improves improving heart health and reducing stress on the mind as well. As time passes, it lowers inflammation and can even reduce the effects of oxidative stress.

  4. Lavender tea

    The consumption of lavender tea has an impact on detoxifying the body and help reduce


    and headaches. It also helps enhance the quality of sleep.
  5. Green teaFor metabolic and weight reduction and detox benefits green tea is a must to everyone. It can also help relax muscles and relieves body pain as well as migraines.

Disclaimer: The tips and advice provided in this article are intended for general information to be used for general information solely and shouldn’t be taken as medical advice from a professional. Always consult with your physician or a dietician prior starting any fitness program or making any modifications on your eating habits.