Dalot The manager gets great headaches Dalot: We give the manager good headaches Man Utd

I think it’s extremely important ],” stated Diogo when asked the importance of be competitive within the squad.

“That is a clear indication that we’re not just 11 players. We have to form a team and, as I’ve mentioned many times, I’ve learned much from Aaron I’m sure Aaron learns a lot from me, too.

“I believe this is an enjoyable and healthy competition we all enjoy. I believe in this group we have at the very least two players per position, and a large number of players who are able to play in different roles, and I believe this helps us grow, and enhances our performance and I believe that we’ve got some good headaches for the manager, and I believe this is a good thing for him.

“We must give our all when we get the chance to play, and not let it go by the wayside as I believe that at this team, the expectations are very high, and the responsibilities are so huge that you need to be at the top of your game every single time and be prepared physically and mentally. Therefore, I believe the team, in general group are headed to the right path.”