A truly bad tension headache, or any stress headache for that matter generally originates from your neck. When the bones of your spinal column don’t move how they ought to and become adhered together or you spend a lot of time craning your neck forward to a screen, you are bound to get a headache.

The type of headache that feels like someone is squeezing your temples, forehead, feels like your head has been shrink wrapped or is making you feel like you have discomfort above an eye is generally a stress headache. The term migraine does not refer to a “really bad headache”. It refers to somebody who gets an aura preceding their headache, queasiness, throwing up or speech problems.

When you have exactly what chiropractic specialists describe as “forward head carriage”, your posture needs to change for you to get rid of your headache. When you are aiming to change your posture, the primary step is to contract your shoulder blades together gently and pull them downwards toward your belt (far from your ears). The muscular contraction in your posture should be taking place between your shoulder blades, not in your chest pulling your shoulders to one another. After your shoulder blades are back and down, withdraw your chin so it isn’t poking forward. Your ear ought to be over the middle of your shoulder joint. That is excellent posture. Your spine is the problem and you require a chiropractic change if you cannot hold it and you find your body quickly tiredness.


Finding a chiropractor in my area is important for when you find yourself with headaches quite often.