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If you’re feeling hungover Some people may decide to back to the classic carb-based sandwich, perhaps a bacon-egg-n’-cheese, or maybe with hot sauce or fries from home. Other people might prefer more sweeter food to calm the soul like pancakes. Some may even play with the hair of their dog and then order the bloody mary.

Although none of these breakfast choices will make you feel better to yourself for your choices, you could be inclined to impress your parents and make a new breakfast favorite: fruit. When you’re looking for carbohydrates and comfort in the same proportion, what fruit is more delicious than one banana?

Do bananas help a hangover?

A rich source of complex carbohydrates bananas can raise blood sugar levels and assist the body to process alcohol through activating metabolism. Bananas can also go easily on your stomach if you’re feeling uneasy.

For people who are sensitive to Tyramine, the amino acid may aggravate migraine symptoms since it can cause an intense throbbing sensation within the head.


There’s a question regarding whether bananas may make you feel vulnerable in times in need, even causing your hangover to worsen 10-fold. It’s because they contain a specific compound known as Tyramine, which has been connected to migraines. As much as no one would like to blast metal through their headphones after waking up feeling sluggish and hungover or migraine, no one would want to consume food that could cause them to feel more uncomfortable.

For a number of reasons, the majority of people don’t have anything to worry about. Food scientist Karen Schaich at Rutgers University is peeling back this myth.

What is Tyramine?

Tyramine, an amino acid that is a byproduct of the amino acid tyrosine that is found in bananas, aged cheeses, as well as fermented food items. The last two contain living microorganisms that transform Tyramine into tyrosine by eliminating the carboxylic acid component.

As the bananas mature as they mature, tyrosine transforms into tyramine.


Bananas contain tyramine. However, it is difficult to determine the amount of tyramine that is too to be too much. Schaich explains that in studies, what constitutes an excessive amount of tyramine can vary by up to 100 grams. Bananas don’t appear on lists of most tyramine-rich foods. of tyramine. For instance, fermented foods contain more tyramine than the bananas in general.

Additionally, the amount of tyramine that you receive from a banana is contingent on the state it’s in when you consume it. The most tyramine-rich bananas will be found when they’re ripe — like, ready-for-banana-bread-overripe that “many people don’t like which is why it’s not an issue,” Schaich tells Inverse.

Do tyramine causes migraines?

To fully understand the effects of tyramine on migraines it is necessary to know the causes of migraines.

In a migraine, a stimulant such as changing weather conditions, bright flashing lights or anything other than that triggers blood vessels in the brain to expand and press against the brain tissues, causing an uncomfortable headache. This is known as vasodilation.

The solution to vasodilation may be the hormone that makes you feel good, serotonin. Serotonin causes blood vessels to constrict -vasoconstrictionwhich neutralizes the effects of migraine. However, too much vasoconstriction increases pain and causes the sensation of throbbing.

Schaich claims that Tyramine is similar that is similar to serotonin. As such, in the classic bait-and-switch method, it is able to connect to serotonin receptors located in the brain, and influence the same pathways, similar to blood vessels. Tyramine is able to cause vasoconstriction. However, sometimes the effect can be too strong which causes painful throbbing.

“[Tyramine is not a migraine trigger on its own,” Schaich tells Inverse. If one already suffers from migraine, excessive tyramine can cause the condition to get worse. However, eating foods that contain tyramine won’t cause symptoms.

Schaich further explains that each person uses amino acids in a different way. People who are sensitive Tyramine are likely to know that they’re sensitive because they’ve been sucked in by a slice of banana or wedge of Brie. The doctor says that for some people, a few milligrams might suffice to trigger migraines, while some might require just a few grams.

Are bananas able to make a hangover even worse?

Add a hangover to the mix and you could think that bananas are a double-whammy migraine. But, this isn’t the case in the event that you’re not a particular type of person.

High in complex carbs Bananas are an excellent fruit to serve in your breakfast after a hangover.


“If you’ve never suffered from an attack of migraine and have not had any reaction in response to bananas go ahead eating bananas can help with headaches.” Schaich suggests. Even if you have migraines individuals metabolize various substances in different ways. Consider, for instance Schaich as well as her sibling who both suffer migraines. Schaich typically eats ground beef without buns to treat her migraines because her body can process protein more efficiently on its own. Her sister must eat the protein along with carbs in order to process it efficiently.

A post-hangover dinner should “be converted into metabolites in lieu of drinking alcohol” Schaich adds. (Cue the famous bacon-egg-n’-cheese.) If you’re keen to experiment and make the most of your food choices and reduce your food waste, then an item that is that is high in amino acid tryptophan can be a fantastic option since the body converts tryptophan to serotonin which can help relieve headaches by reducing vasoconstrictions. But , even so, be cautious.

“You can offer an array of items that have proven successful for some individuals, but they’re not likely to be a success for all,” Schaich says.

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