Do high blood pressures really Lead to Headaches? - Health Digest

According to a study from 2013 that was published within the Iranian Journal of Neurology, although the issue isn’t without controversy there is no evidence to suggest that moderate to mild arterial hypertension or changes in blood pressure could be related to headaches. It’s the American Heart Association also reiterates this assertion, stating that headaches aren’t related to high blood pressure aside from a situation in which there is hypertensive stress.

Mayo Clinic defines a hypertensive crisis as a sudden increase in blood pressure of a patient typically when the blood pressure is above 180/120 millimeters (mm Hg) or more. The site defines hypertensive crisis as an emergency medical condition that could result in heart attacks, strokes or other serious health issues. In such an event pressure on the skull rises and causes headaches which is unlike any of normal head pain (via Healthline). It’s not surprising that headache remedies such as the aspirin won’t work to manage the discomfort.