Donald Trump Faces a Week of Headaches in January. 6 and Tax Returns The New York Times

The House committee investigating the Capitol attack is expected to release its report . It could back prosecution of the president in criminal court and a separate panel could decide to reveal taxes he paid.

After five years of headlines that have been awe-inspiring concerning scandals, scandals, and possible criminal acts involving the former president Donald J. Trump, the next week is one of the most significant.

On Monday on Monday, the House committee that is looking into the Feb. 6th, 2021 protests at the Capitol of President Trump. Trump’s backers will have the final public meeting before the committee will be disbanded when Republicans assume the majority of the House in the coming year.

The members of the committee will be discussing whether to refer criminal cases for the Justice Department in connection with the riots and Mr. Trump’s attempts to hold on to power. The riot ended on January. 6 when the Trump-supporting group tried to stop the certifying of his successor’s electoral victory. The most important issue is whether to recommend the president. Trump face criminal charges.

On Tuesday Wednesday, members of the House Ways and Means Committee will hold a private meeting to discuss how to proceed with the tax returns for the last six years that Mr. Donald Trump’s returns for tax purposes, which were finally released after nearly 4 years of legal battles of the president. Trump to block their release.

The committee may make them public This would probably be completed in the final moments in the days Democratic majority in Congress.

On Wednesday on Jan. 6, the. six committee scheduled to release its report about the attack, as well as transcripts of the interviews with witnesses.

In the end This week’s events will shine at the two aspects of the President. Trump’s inability to give up his power, and the one that Trump has been most vigilant about for decades: the extent of his fortune and revenue sources.

“Trump has spent decades trying to avoid transparency and deflecting responsibility,” said Tim O’Brien who is the author of “TrumpNation A Guide to the Art of Being the Donald.” “Now both sides are pushing towards Trump, in the form of tax disclosures, and the possibility of a criminal referral. Although he may want to minimize the significance of it all It’s significant.”

Any disclosure of his tax records could be announced as the president is. Trump seeks another White House run, a time where he’s being subject to several investigations with no immunity as the president granted him to avoid indictment.

The Justice Department is investigating Mr. Trump’s misuse of presidential documents and classified documents and it remains to be determined if any person who is around him is being investigated in this investigation.

The amount of new information that will be released the week of Jan. 6 is not clear. Over nearly a full year and half, and through more than 12 public hearings, this January. 6 committee relied on evidence and information obtained from more than a thousand witnesses to show the case of Mr. Trump as being at the heart of a plan to keep his power and to thwart the outcomes of a fair and free election.

The Justice Department has been conducting an investigation at the same time, but it has not been working in concert together with the congressional investigation.

A referral from Congress for the Justice Department does not obligate prosecutor to take action. However there are some members of. Trump’s advisors are privately worried about the recommendations of the House committee might suggest.

A few of the information of Mr. Trump’s tax records are already in the hands of his Manhattan District Attorney, Alvin Bragg, whose predecessor, Cyrus Vance Jr. has spent years investigating the tax affairs of Mr. Trump and his company.

The president. Trump is also facing an unrelated civil lawsuit filed with the New York attorney general, Letitia James who has accused the widespread use of fraud that lasted for more than 10 years that was committed by former President Trump, his kids and his business. Michael D. Cohen, the former fixer and lawyer of Mr. Trump’s former lawyer and fixer, has aided in the investigation by giving testimony before the House committee in the year 2019 in which he explained the ways in which the former president. Trump, who has always denied that his worth is less than what his claims was able to appraise his assets.

The New York Times has also conducted an investigation into the matter of Mr. Trump’s tax return, which include information from the year 2020. The investigation revealed the fact that. Trump paid no federal income tax for the 11 of 18 , which is the period The Times examined.

He. Trump reacted with fury in response to this investigation. The possibility of an open disclosure of his tax data is especially significant in the eyes of Trump. Trump, who has kept a tight lid on his net worth as well as how he earns his earnings.

Prior to 2016 friends from New York City predicted that despite numerous hints about an election however, he would not run because he would need be required to release his personal financial details publicly available.

He did provide the federally-required financial disclosure for his personal financial situation, but during the presidential election of 2016 he refused to reveal details of his taxes, which is a voluntary disclosure nearly every candidate has offered since the presidency of Richard M. Nixon. It was impossible for voters to determine where the richest person to ever run for president of the United States was getting some of his wealth, or what percentage of it was paid to the government in taxes.

In the course of a debate in 2016 Trump’s Democratic adversary, Hillary Clinton, took note of the few times where the. Trump had been forced to reveal his income and tax obligations.

“The only times anyone’s ever seen are two years in which they had to turn the documents over to state officials in order to obtain a casino license and also to prove that there was no Federal income taxes,” Hillary Clinton told reporters. Clinton declared.

The president. Trump fired back: “That is what makes me smart.”

In numerous congressional as well as Justice Department investigations, including ones that probe whether his campaign colluded in concert with Russian officials to influence the outcome of the election in that year and whether he conspired with Russian officials to influence the election. Trump has repeatedly attacked the probes as an “witch hunting.” For decades , he has maintained that he is an innocent victim every time he comes under investigation. The president. Trump had the same reaction when his business was found guilty on 17 charges of tax fraud as well as other financial irregularities around two weeks in the past.

But the information that will be made public following this week’s election are more important as well. O’Brien said during the time that the. Trump prepares to woo voters in his third bid in the presidential race.

“There’s serious consequences for the legal aspect, as well as reputation as well as from a tax perspective,” Mr. O’Brien declared.