Expert explains what Londoners need to know about eye migraines

Triggered by numerous everyday activities, an ocular migraine can appear alarming to those who have symptoms. However, Specsavers experts assure people across the London area that migraines are usually not a cause for concern.

Ocular migraines (also known as retinal migraines) often cause partial or complete loss of vision in one eye and headache.

Giles Edmonds, Specsavers Clinical Services Director, says, “Most retinal migraines affect almost the same eye every time. Eyesight can become cloudy or blurry, and some people may also experience flashes of light while others see mosaic-like white patches that can expand to cause vision loss.

“Vision loss usually lasts between 10 and 20 minutes before it gradually returns, and headaches can also set in before, during, or after a seizure.”

Eye migraines occur when blood flow to the eye becomes restricted due to a sudden narrowing of blood vessels. As soon as the vessels relax, normal blood flow returns and the symptoms go away.

Eye migraine symptoms can be triggered by a number of everyday activities, such as exercise, smoking, and even bending over.

Common causes of ocular migraines are:
high blood pressure
Low blood sugar. Excessive heat
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Mr. Edmonds asserts that while eye migraines can be alarming to those who have the symptoms, it is usually not a cause for concern.

If you have eye migraines, Edmonds says, “We recommend resting your eyes until your symptoms pass and taking pain relievers as recommended if you have an accompanying headache. Otherwise, it is best to keep an eye on your attacks to avoid exposing you to common triggers in the future.

“However, if your eyesight suddenly deteriorates, it is important to make an emergency appointment with your optician or doctor – especially if this is the first time. You will want to make sure that other more serious cases of vision loss are ruled out. ‘

For those concerned about ocular migraines or who have recently had a change in their vision, they can book an appointment at