Extreme heat leads to BART delays and rider headaches -- KTVU FOX 2. San Francisco

BART service was restored in the early hours of 6:30 a.m. Wednesday, on the two tracks that connect Pleasant Hill and Concord, but riders can anticipate delays of 10 minutes throughout the day. Trains may also slow during the afternoon when temperatures rise according to officials.

It’s better news than the situation riders had to face on Tuesday night.

The service was shut down at around 5:45 p.m. due to equipment issues related to heat created headaches to BART.

A BART spokesperson explained that the heat led to minor deviances in the track between two stations. The heat affected services throughout the entire day.

BART stated that it had slowed down trains and carried out more inspections of tracks as a measure to prevent.

The spokesman stated that the temperatures also caused overheated equipment and the issue is located in the same region that was the cause of the train derailment back in June, which was also caused by the heat.

“I would like to say that this is the most extreme heat wave I’ve had here,” passenger Jacob Thompson stated. “I don’t recall going out for 20 seconds without sweating so much.”

A bridge over the bus was constructed to bring commuters home.

“I’m slightly content. But I’m not very happy since I’m arriving home around 1 hour late.” told passengers Marie King.

“Because it’s was the first time, instead of becoming angry, I’m just like okay, here we go yet again.” stated King.

At the station of Concord BART the crowds of passengers were rushing out of buses to be able to back to trains.

BART trains may slow down when temperatures exceed 100 degrees.

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