FreshDirect trucks ignore the rules of the road, causing traffic headaches -- New York Post

tweeted an image of the trucks parking double-wide on Lexington Avenue.

The Post in late September was able to observe a FreshDirect truck double-parked , with no activity for nearly an hour close to East 84th Street and Lexington Avenue during morning rush hour traffic. Another truck was in a parked position for at least an time in the left-turn lane between East 84th Street and 2nd Avenue. The truck was also double-parked at West 60th Street and Columbus Avenue for a few minutes to take delivery boxes that were empty during rush hour in the afternoon.

FreshDirect trucks stop the traffic along Columbus Avenue.

Stefan Jeremiah

Commercial vehicles are permitted to double parking for a maximum of 20 minutes, while moving or unloading as per the DOT.

“They put us in an area and we have to do what we need to accomplish,” said deliveryman Jahsheem Simon, who is 26. “We cannot necessarily move.”

The grocery store online which’s annual net sales surpass $700 million, delivers everything from eggs, prepared antipasti, cleaning supplies and more to the doorsteps of customers.

Joel Reiss said he almost ended up in the mud due to the negligence of the truck drivers.

Stefan Jeremiah

Locals have complained that the trucks create dangers for pedestrians as well as other pedestrians who use the streets.

In December of this year the moped driver who was killed hit the double-parked FreshDirect truck near East 76th Street and 1st Avenue. Joel Reiss, a partner at the restaurant Who’s Jac. W? at 2nd Avenue, said that the man was almost struck by a vehicle while traveling on East 84th Street this summer because a FreshDirect truck was placed its vehicle in the left turn road, blocking the motorist’s view.

“It’s sure not helping,” complained David Markowitz who is a marketing executive for technology. “When I take my bike towards the parks … the police force me out in right in front of them on the road.”

Image alt=”A FreshDirect’s box truck is parked on the 49th Street.” class=”wp-image-24268771″ height=”682″ loading=”lazy” sizes=”(max-width: 1024px) 100vw, 1024px” src=”″ srcset=” 1536w, 1024w, 512w” width=”1024″/>
A FreshDirect box truck is parked along 49th Street.

Stefan Jeremiah

Residents claim that delivery drivers have turned streets into break rooms and are even squabbling with neighbors.

“These guys are sitting in the tree pits making use of the pits as an ashtray then one turned and started cursing at my husband] and threatened the man,” said resident Orah Massarsky. “Same incident occurs to the front doorman. The same as happens to Super.”

City Council Member Julie Menin, who represents the Upper East Side, told The Post that these practices of FreshDirect “creates security issues for cyclists, pedestrians as well as for motor vehicles and also create environmental problems” and has recently introduced a bill that would increase the penalties for idle trucks.

Image alt=”FreshDirect employee Jahsheem Simon 26 is a pedestrian who has a conversation with him in the street. ” class=”wp-image-24268775″ height=”682″ loading=”lazy” sizes=”(max-width: 1024px) 100vw, 1024px” src=”″ srcset=” 1536w, 1024w, 512w” width=”1024″/>
FreshDirect employee, Jahsheem Simon who is 26 is a pedestrian who consults with him.

FreshDirect has not responded to a request to comment.

An NYPD spokesperson stated that The 19th Precinct was aware of complaints that FreshDirect trucks frequently double parking on areas of the Upper East Side. The department is “working to remedy this issue with multiple summonses and warnings,” they stated.