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BENGALURU Are you experiencing headaches for more than eight each month? It’s time to be vigilant as your migraine could be transforming into a more serious chronic migraine headache.Doctors declare that the incidence for chronic migraines has increased in the past few years, and it’s essential to recognize these triggers as well as patterns, and choose the appropriate treatment, or otherwise they could be suffering from heart attacks or high blood pressure, as well as extreme depression.

“There are two types of migraine headaches which are both primary and secondarily. Secondary headaches are related to medical conditions The majority of headaches are primary and a precursor headache is commonly referred to as migraine. The frequency of migraine has increased over time.” Dr. Anil Venkitachalam, Consultantin the Neurology Department and Motor Disorder, Nanavati Max Super Speciality Hospital, Mumbai.

He says how migraine can be the 3rd common disease , and one of seven sufferers is affected globally. Although there isn’t any specific information regarding the prevalence in India however Dr. Anil claims that the majority of cases reported are generally within the age range of 20-40 years in India as well. A number of studies have revealed that women, as a result of the hormonal imbalance are more vulnerable to suffer from migraine headaches more than men.

Concerning the causes for the beginning of migraine The doctors state that the pattern is consistent, and triggers that cause migraine. “While the life style of an individual is the main element, other factors such as sleep-related disorders, obesity problems with the nervous system, hypertension smoking, excessive technology as well as hormonal changes for women, genetic forms of migraine, and others are just a few of the reasons,” Dr Anil explains.

He also says that identifying the trigger is the most essential to treat migraine headaches. He suggests that patients who experience headaches over a period of 8 to 15 days per month must be aware that they’re going through chronic migraine and require the proper assessment by an expert in neurology or a doctor. Someone who takes many painkillers in order to treat headaches may be a migraine sufferer.

“Triggers such as sunlight, consumption of smoking, coffee food habits, sedentary lives excessive sunlight exposure from electronics and other devices must be recognized and avoided in order to avoid headaches caused by migraine headaches,” the doctor added.