Headache? 16,000+ customers say this ice cap may assist -- it's only $24 (40 percent off)  until midnight. Yahoo Life

Headaches can be a bit complicated and there’s no standard solution for headaches. The use of medication, caffeine or ice packs can be helpful however, each one has its own disadvantages. One of the biggest issues with the way of the ice pack is that it is constantly falling off and gives you a new problem to tackle. There’s a clever solution available on Amazon -and it’s currently on a 24-hour sale. It’s known as The TheraIce cap, and it’s made to deliver Ice to your face and head when you’re in need of it most. Today only it’s only $34- 40 percent off.

The Cap TheraIce is soft and stretchy and allows it to slide over your head. It has gel inside that helps provide cooling relief over your head while you relax. Simply pull it over your eyes, then push it back and it’s simple.

The TheraIce is easy to make and use again. It can be stored in the bag included before time to make it cool and cold. then use it, and throw it back into the freezer when you’re finished.

Because the cap is flexible, you can wear it over your eyes or slide it over your forehead to protect your eyes or put it on somewhere between — anything that works for you feel better! It’s worth noting that the thick black material blocks the light source if you’re suffering from sensitivity. The cap comes in a single size, which means you can use it with your spouse as well as your family. The flexible design makes it an ideal fit for anyone.

Slip it over your head for immediate relief. (Photo: Amazon)

Nearly 16,000 customers love the TheraIce cap to relieve migraines and headaches. “I tried the mask to treat myself solution for my migraines I was experiencing,” shared a five-star customer. “I did not expect it to work, as all other treatments I’ve tried have was unsuccessful. This is a fantastic invention, and I’m here to inform you that it does work! I was at the point of visiting the ER and I tried this as I ordered it, and it was delivered at a time when I was suffering from headaches. I put it into the freezer for about an about an hour, and when I placed the headband on, my headache began to lessen. I kept the head on until it was to room temperature, then placed the item back into the freezer, I waited for a while before wearing it once more before going to getting to bed. The next day I woke up feeling rejuvenated and with no headaches! Thank you very much thanks for the product! It truly is a marvel!”

Another satisfied customer mentions that the TheraIce cap can help with migraines. “I have suffered from migraines all my life. There’s no medication that I haven’t tried,” they shared. “This head wrap can be an amazing thing when I utilize it right at the start of headaches. The cold on the head reduces the inflammation and reduce pain. I love the way it covers my eyes and makes me go to total darkness. It’s nice to have your entire head covered with cold, instead of having to keep an ice pack in one spot.”

If you’re an Amazon Prime member Amazon Prime, you’ll get free shipping, naturally. Are you not yet a member? There’s no problem. You can sign-up for your free trial for 30 days here. (And by that way, people who don’t have Prime can still enjoy free shipping when they purchase at least $25.)

This sale is only for today. Don’t miss your chance to get the most natural pain relief ready the next time you experience a headache.

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