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If you suffer from headaches it’s likely that you’re taking an ibuprofen bottle. Most people think that headaches are something you can manage at home. But how do you tell which kind of headache you suffer from and if you need assistance?

“What kind of headaches a patient might be experiencing isn’t always apparent to the patient. It may be a stress and tension headache sleep deprivation headache , or a cervicalogenic headaches that originate in the neck” claims doctor. Jigar Mankad, a neurologist of Aurora St. Luke’s Medical Center. “A migraine is a different kind headache.”

Headaches of every kind can be different in the degree of pain they can be. Certain kinds of headaches such as the occipital neurologic headache are more severe than migraines. Yet, migraines are unique in the variety of symptoms you experience and the their duration. A migraine typically is between four to 72 hours. The symptoms can include nausea as well as sensitivity to light and sound, vomiting , and blurred vision. Usually there is a mix of of these symptoms along with the discomfort.

Migraines may have a variety of causes However, most migraines are caused by a genetic element. If your parents were afflicted with migraines they are more likely to suffer migraines. Migraines can also develop in the aftermath of a brain injury or even a minor concussion or an accident. A variety of things can cause migraines and migraines, particularly when you have a genetic predisposition to them.

If you’re at chance of developing migraines diet choices could cause migraines too. For instance, not drinking enough fluids or eating excessive amounts of cheese, chocolate or coffee. Although pain medication may be an effective method to manage headaches at home, such as migraine, it is important to make sure that it isn’t the norm.

“If you experience headaches more than two times a month and are accompanied by worrying symptoms like intense light sensitivity blurred vision or vomiting and blurred vision, it is time to have the problem checked out,” says Dr. Mankad. “Before you begin to get into the habit of using over the counter medications, talk with a physician. There are many other options for treatment like preventative medicines that can aid.”

When you have recurring migraines the primary goal of a specialist such as Mankad. Mankad is to stop the cycle of pain in the brain. Taking prescription drugs frequently can trigger headaches from medication use that causes the brain to indicate that it requires more pain medications when it becomes accustomed to the medication.

If you’ve never experienced headaches previously and suddenly begin to experience headaches particularly if you are older than 35, it’s an alarm. New, sudden and severe headaches can be a sign to see your physician. Your doctor will run the necessary tests and recommend you to an expert. Treatment options include preventative medicine, Botox and more that will reduce or eliminate the number of headaches that you suffer every month. Although non-traditional remedies like the ear piercing procedure or herbal supplements can help certain patients, your doctor will offer you evidence-based guidance on the best options to begin with.

“Some patients are content being afflicted with migraines particularly if it occurs in the family,” says Dr. Mankad. “You shouldn’t be suffering with migraines with no treatment. Contact a doctor to receive treatment. There are many options to assist you in living the normal life.”

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