Headache is among the most frequent symptoms, and is among the most frequently cited reasons for medical consultations as well as emergency room visits across the United States. Of the patients who visit an emergency room, 4.5% report that headaches are not the primary problem; however the diagnosis and treatment of headaches that come to the medical attention of the system can be a daunting task.

The first thing to be addressed by a medical professional will be determining if the migraine is sign of something more urgent, such as the brain tumor or brain hemorrrhage, or if it is an underlying migraine or another type of headache that needs treatment, but won’t cause a serious result.

Additionally Patients suffering from headaches are frequently treated by or MRI or CT scans or treated with opioids. Based on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Opioids were prescribed to treat 35.8 percent of emergency room visits for acute migraines


Blue Zones Project

In terms of how you feel, physician and health professionals play only a tiny part in how healthy you are or the length of your life that it will last. Your zip code, or the place you live, will determine your health far more than genetics.

Realizing this the fact, a strong group of both private and public organizationscame together to create The Blue Zones Project in Jacksonville. If it is successful, it will change and improve life of Jacksonville residents.

The guest: Melanie Patz, vice for community investment and impactat Baptist Health.