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Some people believe that too much vitamin B12 may cause headaches. However, IRL there’s not any proof to support this claim. The most likely reason for your headache could be that your body isn’t getting enough of this crucial mineral.

Here’s the scoop about deficiency, as well as delicious B12-rich foods that you can include in your daily diet.

B12 can trigger headaches. In other words the absence of B12 may cause headaches.

Vitamin B12 deficiency is linked to neurologic symptoms such as head pain. According to a study from 2020 headaches were the most common symptom of vitamin deficiency during adolescence. Research suggests that vitamin B12 may aid in treating chronic migraine.

In a study conducted in 2019 of 140 participants, researchers discovered that those who suffered from migraine also had lower blood levels of B12. The people with the most B12 amounts were 80% less likely to experience migraine than those with less levels.

Remember, there is still a need for more research to establish the precise link between B12 and migraine headaches. However, as B12 is essential to your overall health, you ought to take it seriously and increase your intake. (Unless you already have your levels in the top notch in which the case congratulations!!)

Okay So B12 isn’t a cause for headaches if you’re taking the right amount. But do you know if it has other devious tricks that it can pull? In fact, getting B12 through food items is generally thought to be very secure. However the consumption of B12 as shot can result in:

PSA: Discuss with a medical professional If you experience any of these signs. Also, let them know prior to when you make any significant adjustments to your supplement regimen.

The most efficient way to acquire vitamin B12 is to get it from your diet. Here’s a list of foods that can aid you in reaching the daily B12 requirement:

If you are suffering from headaches caused by a lack of B12 in B12, taking in more B12 may cause your symptoms to disappear. It is also possible to take the vitamin B12 supplement However, you must adhere to the top brands. Opt for a top-quality brand that isn’t full of unsavory additives.

If you’re taking sufficient B12 yet you experiencing headaches, it could be that something else is the cause. Consult a medical professional when you experience frequent headaches or migraines. They may run a quick blood test to see whether you have a vitamin B12 deficit is the reason.

It is possible to treat migraines or headaches in the short-term using some over the counter (OTC) painkiller. If they don’t work then your doctor might recommend an alternative that is stronger.

Some people also experience relief through alternative treatments, for example:

Vitamin B12 deficiency can cause headaches. It also is a factor in headache symptoms. It is possible to reduce the chance of suffering from migraine by having sufficient vitamin B12 in your diet. It is also possible to include a B12 supplement in your diet or consult your doctor regarding B12 shots. Be sure to adhere to reputable supplement brands that do not contain fillers with a strange flavor.

The doctor may perform a simple blood test to determine if that a deficiency is the cause. If not, they’ll assist you in determining the cause. While you’re waiting you can test an OTC painkiller for temporary relief. Many people also enjoy alternative and complementary therapies , such as yoga or acupuncture, behavioral therapy or massage therapy.