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Headaches are a common problem which many sufferers find it difficult to treat elsewhere, seek assistance via conventional Chinese medical treatment (TCM). Treatment of headaches is among the many benefits of TCM.

To ease discomfort, it is important to discover the root of it. The majority of people suffering from headaches generally suffer from one or more of the five following habits:

  1. Self-expectation is very high and pressure.
  2. Unsuitable posture, particularly tilting the head to the side.
  3. Most often, one eats cold meals.
  4. Hair that is wet after bathing.
  5. Overworked, stressed.

Magic Formulas to Eliminate Headaches Fastly

Headache caused by pressure Acupoints: Press one on your foot and pain goes away within three minutes.

Stress-related people are the most susceptible to migraines. The type of headache that sufferers experience can be extremely severe to the point of being debilitating, and result in being unable to perform during the day-to-day tasks. It is often associated with nausea and vomiting as well as the sensitivity to noise and light. The most popular painkillers are those that don’t always work.

The magic begins here. Rather than taking medication, simply press the “Qiuxu Acupoint” and pain will go away within 3 to 4 minutes.

It is the Qiuxu is the area at the outer edge of the foot, where there is a huge gap in front of and beneath the top of the malleolus’s outside. When you press it on the left foot can ease headaches from the side, while pressing it to the left foot may help relieve headaches on the left.

Epoch Times Photo Qiuxu acupoint. (The Epoch Times)

Headache postural When the flow of blood within the cervical spine increases, relief from headache is sure to follow.

Incorrect postures are the main reason for headaches. Utilizing a computer for long durations can cause one to regularly lean their head to the side, straining the neck muscles and the head.

If I encounter a patient suffering from headaches my first question is “Does the neck pain bother you?” I often get an affirmative “yes” answer. When it comes to this kind of headache when the neck issue is resolved and the blood circulation is smoother, and with correcting the posture the headache will slowly disappear.

Headache caused by excessive coldness Drink plenty of drinking water throughout”the “golden time” to flush your body of water.

The third reason for headaches is drinking excessive amounts of cold food and iced drinks. Drinking cold drinks can damage the internal organs as well as reducing the capacity of the spleen to process water. The TCM system is characterized by TCM the spleen monitors dampness. If poison or waste are not eliminated in a timely manner, the dampness can grow, leading to “wet headaches,” and they are often accompanied by symptoms of”heavy head. “heavy head.”

TCM has revealed that there are twelve main meridians responsible for transferring “qi” along with “blood” across the entire body. Both substances circulate to maintain equilibrium and stability within different organs and tissues.

In TCM the two-hour portion of the day is linked to one specific meridian running throughout the human body. Thehe bladder meridian as well as the kidney meridians are connected to the period between 3 and seven p.m.–known to be the “golden time.” The consumption of water in this time can increase circulation throughout the body and rid the body of water through the kidney and bladder meridians.

These two meridians collaborate to enhance the capacity to reenergize the kidney as well as diuresis. This will help to reduce the kind of headache that is due to drinking cold beverages.

Headache caused by cold, wind, or dampness Massage two acupoints with your hands to relieve pain quickly.

The fourth and most damaging habit of not properly drying your hair after washing could cause headaches. Being in air-conditioned areas as well as being outside in the cold with no neck and head protection could result in headaches. If cold, wind and humid air get into the neck area it can reduce the flow of blood as well as “qi” (vital energetic) circulation. When circulation is slow and blocked or impaired, discomfort can cause pain.

To eliminate quickly wind-cold and dampness headaches and keep your brain focused Try massage these “Hegu” or “Lieque” Acupoints on your hands.

Where can you find the Hegu? It’s located in it’s back part of the hand. It’s located between your thumb and the index (pointer) finger.

Epoch Times PhotoEpoch Times Photo Hegu acupoint. (The Epoch Times)

Lieque Acupoints are located over the wrist, to in the inner part of arm. To locate it make sure you lock your index finger and thumb of one hand and the index finger of the otherhand. The point is located on the outside that is the finger’s index with a depression in between the bone and the sinew.

TCM affirms that “the head and face connect to form the Hegu,” while Lieque is focused on the face portion of the forehead. Thus, Hegu along with Lieque together are able to prevent the development of diseases in the areas of the face and head. Migraines, in particular, can be reduced in a short time.

Epoch Times PhotoEpoch Times Photo Lieque acupoint. (The Epoch Times)

Headache caused by overwork One soup and one tea to replenish blood and ease discomfort.

Women frequently experience headaches because of their busy schedules. Women today manage household chores, jobs as well as childcare and so often are exhausted and experience headaches as well as dizziness.

Certain women might be suffering from intense headaches or even vomiting throughout the week preceding your menstrual cycle. It is usually because of problems with circulation around the stomach and spleen. If there is a deficiency in the flow of blood and qi to various body parts and organs, they are weakening which can cause pain within the head.

If you are experiencing headaches and dizziness, make “milkfish (Chanos Chanos) Head soup” to help that can help calm nerves and ease pain. And it’s delicious. Make the recipe below.


  • 3 to 5 heads of milkfish
  • Tofu (bean curd)

Herbs for medicinal use:

  • Tubular Gastrodia elata 3 qian (0.53 ounce)
  • Fushen (Poria cocos) 3 qian (0.53 an ounce)
  • Ophiopogon japonicus 3 qian (0.53 ounce)
  • Lu Dangshen (Radix Cononopsis Pilosella) 3 qian (0.53 0.53 ounces)
  • Yun Fu Ling ( Wolfiporia cocos) 3 qian (0.53 ounce)
  • Chrysanthemum lavandulifolium flower 3 qian (0.53 ounce)
  • roasted licorice 2 qian (0.35 ounce)
  • raw gypsum 5 qian (0.9 ounce)
  • pinellia 2 qian (0.35 ounce)
  • green Radix saposhnikoviae 5 fan (0.1 ounce)
  • dried mandarin peel 3 qian (0.53 ounce)
  • ramulus uncariae rhynchophylla 5 qian (0.9 ounce)


  • Cleanse all the ingredients and the herbs that are medicinal.
  • Boil them in a pan.
  • It’s ready to eat after the soup has cooled down.

In the group among them, the ramulus rhynchophylla r should be wrapped in a separate container. Make sure to put it in when the soup for milkfish heads has been thoroughly cooked, stirred and then is ready to take it out of the pan and serve.

The main ingredients in this soup are the head of milkfish and Gastrodia Elata, and herbs like Lu Dangshen can nourish the stomach and spleen. Because these medications are able to penetrate to the brain, they may provide reduction in headaches.

There’s another red Jujube tea to try. It is prepared by boiling the shredded ginger with brown sugar and red dates. And don’t not forget to include a bit of cinnamon. Cinnamon has an effect of warming as well as “draw the qi back to the source,” by which all Qi will return to the most vital part of our body–the crucial entrance to life–the kidney. If women drink it, blood levels can quickly be replenished, skin is rosy and headaches are relieved.

Treatment of Feet to Reduce Headaches

If your head is hurting in all directions, TCM suggests “treating the feet to relieve pain.” There’s an effective acupuncture spot called that is known as “Yongquan,” which resides on the foot’s sole, located in the depression on one side of your foot. This is apparent when rolling your feet.

Try taking some walks each week on a pebbled path and let the pebbles on the path trigger the Yongquan Acupoint, located at the center on the sole, as well as the heel point located on the soles. When you do this, you’ll be able to feel that your headache is alleviated instantly. A lot of qi on the body’s top could trigger headaches when stimulated. By stimulating on the foot, the energy flows downwards and headaches are relieved.

Be sure to be gentle in your daily life. With some patience, you’ll be able to put an end to headaches.

*Some of the herbs discussed in this article might be unfamiliar, however they are typically readily available at Asian supermarkets.

Notice: Because the different individuals have different body types It is suggested to talk to your doctor and TCM specialists.

Headaches: 5 Major Reasons and Effective Formulas for Treatment

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