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Our lives have become more and more hectic, with everyone trying to manage various pressures, this can lead to headaches. Headaches are among the most prevalent problems, with nearly fifty percent of the population suffering from it at least one time per year. We’ve all experienced headaches at one time or another however, not many of us realize that headaches can be of different types and should be treated according to the type of headache. Let’s look at six kinds of headaches and the treatments for them.

Headaches can be a burden since their frequent occurrence puts an impact on their daily activities. It becomes difficult for those suffering from a headache to concentrate on their job or work at all. They also have a negative impact on their lives in general as they cannot be with their family or out with their friends. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that headaches should not be taken lightly and treated promptly.

Tangela Fuqua, a certified and registered nurse anesthetist posted an Instagram reel on which she talks about various types of headaches and the best ways to manage them.

Here are six types of headaches and the best ways to help these headaches:

1. Forehead

If your headache persists in the forehead area it’s a sign of insomnia. When you suffer from this kind headache, it is common to feel painful, sharp pain on your forehead. To manage this kind migraine, the only thing you have to do is go to sleep. At a minimum, you should have 6-8 hours of rest every day.

You should sleep when you feel discomfort in your forehead. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

2. The top of the head

If you’re experiencing discomfort on the top of your head and there is an impression that someone is hitting your head, it’s caused by a lack of nutrition or dehydration within your body. If you’re experiencing this type of headache your first step need to do is find something to take in and drink.

3. The back of the head

Sometimes, headaches occur in or near the back in your neck, which is the neck area. If you feel discomfort in this area, it’s a sign you’re under too much stress. Relax to let go stress. Relaxing, taking a break from the amount of noise in your environment lying down, or doing breathing exercises can assist you in relaxing.

4. Face

The discomfort between your eyebrows as well as around your nose and eyes can be a sign of an allergies or sinus. It is also called sinus headache, and to manage it, you can use medications, exercise or even take a hot shower.

A persistent headache that is lingering over your nose is a sign of sinus. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

5. Headband that is tight

If you feel there’s a rubber-band on your forehead, you’re experiencing tension headache. To alleviate this kind of headache, it is necessary to limit your time on the screen. Take breaks from your screen or use blue blockers for rays. A hot shower can also aid.

A longer screen time may be the cause of the Tension headache you suffer from! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

6. Eyes hurting from one

If you’re feeling extreme pain around one or both of your eyes you’re suffering from a cluster headache. seek medical attention. Eyes could tear and you may even feel a redness or irritation around your eyes. If you suffer from this type of headache it is imperative to put down any type of screen and seek advice from your physician.