Dr. Joe Elser, a pediatric physician and pediatric headache management expert within the Arkansas Children’s Hospital (ACH) explained “The reason that people experience headaches is due to an underlying headache gene. Like an asthma-related gene cancer gene, and a diabetes gene, there’s the headache gene. For every person I’ve visited for headaches I can guarantee that you’ll find the grandparent, parent or an aunt or uncle in the family] who suffers from headaches.”

Elser himself, who suffers from migraine himself, has researched the causes and treatment options for headaches as well as migraines for more than 30 years. Since 1987 since his Neurology headache clinic at ACH was created, Elser and the ACH specialists have treated hundreds of patients in need of relief. Eye conditions, allergies or stress are usually blamed for the occurrence of headaches however the gene responsible for headaches is the true cause. Alongside misunderstanding the causes of headaches one of the most common misconceptions is that children aren’t able to get headaches and migraines.

“If there is a family background present and children start complaining of headaches Take the issue serious,” Elser said. “They’re doing nothing to escape from school. The students aren’t trying to escape from things.”

It’s crucial to take any child’s complaint of headache serious, Elser advised parents not to be concerned about it. headaches or migraines can be a sign of more serious illnesses. Children who experience frequent or extreme headaches typically fear the worst, however having a brief conversation with their child regarding the symptoms they experience is often enough to determine if they suffer from migraine and start the treatment process. The doctors at the headache clinic can help families avoid costly brain scans if they are possible.

The study of migraines is difficult , even for adults. A blood sample is enough to detect diabetes and other ailments, but there is there is no test available for migraines. Finding out if children suffer from migraines or headaches that are severe enough to require treatment can be difficult since young children have difficulty communicating their pain in words. Children who experience recurring headaches might not be aware that their symptoms are not normal. In young children, migraines become more common during the early stages of adolescents, between 10 and 13 years old. However, the youngest patient Elser taken care of for migraines was just nine months old.

Are you experiencing headaches, or is it migraine?

Health professionals employ these indicators:

If you have a headache, it’s

  • moderate to intense in intensity
  • can last for up to 472 hours.
  • is often accompanied by nausea or vomiting
  • or is a or includes,

Then it’s the result of a migraine.

Even if the headache doesn’t fit the requirements, it could still affect the child’s quality of life.

Treatment for Relief

“It’s thrilling to witness the progress regarding the management of headaches,” Elser said. “Not just medications but biofeedback and stress management, there are many ways to control the symptoms.”

The headache gene can cause people to be more susceptible to triggers such as caffeine chocolate, or stress, and so the team of ACH suggests a range of strategies to relieve pain, such as:

  • Healthy eating
  • Well-rested and sleeping
  • Exercising
  • Drinking water is essential.
  • Utilizing a variety techniques to reduce stress

Also, our specialists in headaches try to allow children to continue to indulge in chocolate without getting migraines instead of avoiding chocolate altogether. Talking to your child can help our experts come up with strategies that accommodate the child’s particular situation and preferences.

In those instances when you require immediate relief, Elser said it’s best to locate a space that’s cool and calm and to try to get some rest. “For an actual migraine the body’s strategy to heal itself is to go in a state of sleep.”

One of our main goals here at Arkansas Children’s is to give children more time to be children. This means the treatment of headaches as well as migraines by providing the same degree of care we give break a bone or a congenital handicap. Elser stated that If a child suffers more than two or one headaches every week, or suffers from headaches that are so severe it forces them to not be able to do the activities they love It’s worth a visit to the ACH’s Headache Clinic.