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HealthWatch: Prevention of Headaches for children Headache prevention in children KEVN

HealthWatch: Prevention of Headaches for children Headache prevention in children KEVN

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) Headaches are the most frequent in children, and a myriad of causes can trigger the discomfort.

Dr. Cara Hamilton with Black Hills Pediatrics has some suggestions.

“At the beginning in the academic year we’re usually finding children with increasing headaches and this could result from a myriad of causes,” Hamilton said.

“Children may experience headaches due to the issue of hydration. In summer, they are able to drink water for free. In the school year, if they don’t remember their water bottle or do not stop at the water fountain and don’t get as much water as they would normally.

“They may also require glasses, which is a reason why they didn’t read books throughout the summer long or looking out the classroom’s front. Perhaps it wasn’t so evident during the summer time.

“Also screens-related headaches are not uncommon. Children are spending increasingly more time with screens in classes and in the evenings for homework, etc.

“And obviously anxiety. Children are often anxious about school and this is why they might suffer headaches which could be due to anxiety, too.

“Now, as parents, you are able to troubleshoot these issues. You can encourage drinks alongside your child. If you break their weight in half , and convert it into ounces, it’s a good place to start to set a goal for daily fluid intake,” Hamilton advised. “Of course it’s a good idea to be active when they’re playing sports, they might require more fluid than.

“Get your eyes examined in case you are concerned about the need for glasses . You can also make sure that they wear glasses in the event that they’re prescribed them. To prevent screen time headaches stopping every half hour can assist with screen-related headaches.

“Also investing in blue light glasses may help to reduce the wavelengths entering the eyes of patients and cause headaches also.” the doctor advised.

“For anxiety, you should be talking about school with your child and perhaps even having their teachers or counselors talk to them about the anxiety-related headaches If you have any concerns about any of these ways to talk with your child’s physician,” Hamilton said.

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