MicroSD extension cable to use with the Raspberry Pi.

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes/ZDNET

It’s no secret that the Raspberry Pi continues to be one of my top gadgets. It’s a wonderful device that is the tiny, self-contained computer that can fit on a single board.

I am constantly amazed by what they are able to accomplish.

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Yes, I’m aware that Raspberry Pis are difficult to find currently (“unprecedented circumstances supply chain issues COVID-19” I’ve heard the various excuses) So if you find one at a bargain go for it.

I hope that the availability will grow to meet the demand by 2023. If you’re in the market for something, then the most effective recommendation I can offer is to keep searchingI managed to find a few 8GB and 4GB boards last time for an retail cost (not the usual cost of x2 or even x3).

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However, one of the major characteristics in this device is the Raspberry Pi can create problems. I’m talking about its tiny size.

I’ve lost track of the amount of times I’ve constructed something using the Raspberry Pi (or any other single-board computer, like Adafruit Feather) Adafruit Feather) but then was not in a position to gain accessibility to the microSD slot because fingers are huge as well as the card extremely small.

It’s irritating, to not mention annoying.

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There’s a solution– an extender for microSD cards cable.

It’s an easy solutionit’s a ribbon cable that has an microSD card socket at one end , and an microSD card connector on the other.

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Connect the connector to the slot for the card of the Raspberry Pi, and the card on the other side.

Job well done.

If you discover after completing your project, you are able to connect to the MicroSD slot with no difficulty, you can simply take it out.

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They are so helpfuland inexpensive -I have some in stock to use in projects.