How seasonal changes could be causing your headache - WCCO

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – If you’re feeling foggy than usual, you’re not alone – and the weather could be to blame.

Despite summer temperatures, doctors say there are changes you can’t see that affect the way you feel.

“I just had a dull headache,” said Grace Johnson, a Minneapolis resident.

“To me it seems like a kind of pressure change. I’d say the last few months I’ve had [migraines], I was wondering if it was the weather, “said Kristine Noland from Minneapolis.

The change in weather caused headaches and migraines. According to Dr. Ronald Tarrel, a neurologist at Abbott Northwestern Hospital and the Noran Neurological Clinic, this is a common problem.

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“Seasonal changes or sudden changes in the temperature of your outside environment can cause changes in our nervous system, and it’s the part of our nervous system called the autonomic nervous system,” said Tarrel.

He says that outside air pressure doesn’t have to change drastically to cause a headache. He said to avoid headaches and migraines, keep a close eye on the weather to know how to take care of your body in advance.

He said medication and exercise could make a difference.

“Sport is huge. We got a peloton like everyone else this winter, ”said Noland. “It made a huge difference to me. It’s nice to bring some structure into the day, and I noticed that it really helped with migraines too. “

Johnson said she plans to just take a break in hopes that this could be the cure.

“I’m just trying to rest a lot. I ran a lot before so I didn’t have time to rest, ”said Johnson.

According to the American Migraine Foundation, over a third of people with migraines report that certain weather patterns trigger their headaches at least intermittently.