How to Avoid Headaches Caused by Heat and Migraines Health Digest

The effects of heat-related headaches and migraines can become more severe when temperatures are hot and warmer. temperatures. However, there are a variety of causes that can trigger an intense migraine or headache as per MedicalNewsToday. In the event of dehydration or heat-related illness such as heat stroke or heat exhaustion may cause migraine or headache that is caused by heat as a consequence. Other triggers are exposure to sun, exposure after a meal that was skipped or a missed medication, as well as exercising or engaging in vigorous physical activities during the summer heat.

As per Baylor College of Medicine, the heat can be a trigger to the onset of migraines for those who is already suffering migraines. To avoid triggering migraines it is recommended to drink plenty of water prior to or after your outdoor activities and taking frequent breaks from outdoor activities. Other treatments for heat-induced headaches or migraines include holistic treatments as well as medication-based solutions (via Healthline). Home remedies for treating headaches caused by heat headaches or migraines include applying essential oils such as lavender and peppermint, to calm by applying a cold, ice-cold compress to your forehead and drinking iced or cold herbal tea. Acetaminophen, a prescription drug also known as Tylenol and ibuprofen help ease the pain of migraines or headaches. Alongside drinking plenty of water to avoid headaches caused by heat headaches or migraines make sure to add electrolytes in your drinks as temperatures rise or you are spending much time outdoors in the sunshine.