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As we enter the fall season and begin to move towards winter, changes in barometric pressure and temperature could trigger headaches. In addition to the stress of the upcoming celebrations… These can trigger headaches by them. These tips can alleviate pain in a flash. Learn to get rid of headaches according to the type of headache as well as the time of the day.

A.M. pain?

If you experience headaches as soon as you awake, the nighttime grinding is most likely to be at fault. It places 250 times more stress onto your jaw than daily chewing which makes it the most common reason for the next day’s headaches. Solution: Place the jawline with your knuckle for 60 seconds each time you get up. This helps relieve tension in your jaw, and reverses the root source of your morning headache in less than a minute.


Keep an empty bag of beans that have dried in your freezer and, at the first warning signs of migraine, put it in front of your eyes. Studies in evidence-based complementary and alternative Medicinesuggests that this can reverse the escalating migraines completely for 71 percent of patients. “Beanbags “beanbag” blocks out pain-inducing light, and the cryotherapy(aka “cold therapy”) reduces pain signals in as short 3 minutes.

Tension headache?

Shut your eyes, and think about three things “Where do I get my headache? What shade is it? What shape does it have?” In under two minutes the pain will be gone. Researchers say that asking these questions can be compared to biofeedback in the office ,alerting your brain of tensions hidden in your body so that you can ease muscles in your neck and head. In fact, Harvard Medical School research suggests that it reduces tension headaches by as much as 60 percent.

Tech pain?

The constant scrolling of your phone can force your neck to a position that could cause headache pain which radiates out from the skull’s base. Solution: Keep your head straightand then slowly “trace” every one of the letters through the air with your nose. This acts as an exfoliation in the direction of your inner ear, releasing the muscles which couple your neck and skull, and eliminating pain before reaching the Z. Z.

Quick Tips

1: Applying the hairline with peppermint oil reduces headache pain just as well as Tylenol and within one-third of cases, according to a study from 1996.

2. Stand with your feet bare on a surface that is bumpy (like pebbles or garden mulch) and then rock between sides. This could trigger pressure points on your feet which stimulate the release of pain-killing endorphins and cut head pain by half in just two minutes.

The article first appeared in our magazine print edition, Woman’s World.