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According to Greek mythology, goddess Athena emerged, fully formed from Zeus’s father’s head. This must have been extremely difficult for the thunder god. I feel for him. When I experience headaches I really seem like someone’s trying to force the hell through my skull.

It turned out that I also, often have to expel unwanted invaders. I came across a method to alleviate headaches through the help of the Colorado-based colleague and friend. The friend I have, who is played by the name of Robbie Rose, showed me how to treat headaches without the use of the analgesic drugs (painkillers).

Try it next time that your mind starts beating, and then see whether it helps.

Two Questions to Ask You Headache

The most important thing you don’t want to focus on your headache when it hurts. However, since you’re suffering in the first place, there’s no risk. Here’s how: pose two questions to your headache. Also, you could get someone else to ask you the questions related to your headache.

The first question is: If your headache was colored, what color is it?

The third: If your headache were to have an aroma how would it taste like?

It may sound odd. It’s weird. However, it does work. For instance I recently tried it with my spouse, who’s susceptible to both migraines as well as pain-inducing tension headaches. He claimed that it was a color. The pain within his skull was green-orange-brown color, similar to an ugly shag carpet from 1960s. He then rebuked me for laughing, because the laughter made his head hurt.

We went on to the next question. The headache he was experiencing was, he explained, the taste from peanut butter and sand.

“That is disgusting!” I said.

“It is.”

We sat in silence for a while.

“How do you feel with your headache today?” I asked.

“Better,” he said. Then he stopped for a second, taking a moment to examine his head. “I believe that it’s gone.”

You could also try this to yourself. You can sit quietly and observe to your headache. Find out what color it is , and explain the color. You can do this in silence or write it down within your diary. You can then ask yourself what the taste of your headache is.

Even if it’s not going to fix your headache, and I’ve seen it do be, it’s a fascinating idea to think about.

What is the reason why naming the Color and Flavor Impact the pain?

I asked my friend Robbie I learned this method. Robbie isn’t a doctor but she’s an extremely smart, most knowledgeable people I have met.

She informed me that she believes it is the best remedy for tension headaches that are caused by neck and scalp muscles tightening up. If your muscles contract in this manner is usually because of stress or the emotional or stress trigger. When your head hurts, you’re feeling more stressed or emotional because of your headache. If this happens, Robbie explained that it can block the flow of Qi.

According to traditional Chinese medicine Qi is the vital energy and a force that circulates through your body. It’s usually called the force that your body gets from air and food.

If your qi is impeded the energy or libido can be reduced and your decision-making capabilities suffer.

However when your qi flow freely, you are relaxed and centered. You feel creative, focused, and confident.

“For my part, I’m channeling my energy on areas which are hurting me and that helps ease the tension.” Robbie said.

The Dr. Cammy Benton, a family physician located near Charlotte, North Carolina, suggests that directing conscious energy towards pain is usually an approach to assist the body heal.

“The discomfort is an informational process,” Benton said, “and when we be aware of it and consider what could be the reason and then aid our bodies’ inherent ability for healing.”

In the case of headaches as well as other pains and aches, Benton said, natural solutions are always more effective as they last longer and are more beneficial than using drugs.

“Be interested in the source of this pain being caused,” she said. “It could be as simple as ‘I’m supposed to stretch my muscles because I’ve been staring at the computer for too for too long. When you wake up, take some exercise, stretch out some more and then the pain goes off.”

Benton also said that she advises families in her practice to avoid ever giving their children any acetaminophen-containing products.

Acetaminophen the primary ingredient in Tylenol is associated with neurological disorders as well as liver issues as well as asthma. It has also been linked to infertility.

Benton believes it is important to get into the root of headaches, or any other discomfort, and tackle it from the source.

“It’s crucial to determine the root for headaches,” she said. headaches,” she said. “It may be that something is structural. It could also be emotional. There could be something harmful in the surrounding. Simply taking the Tylenol only covers the problem and the problem is likely to come back.”

The Origin of Headache Head

My grandfather was born in a tiny town along the Russian border with Romania. His family emigrated in America. United States, living most of his time there in New York and then moving to California with my mother to be closer to their grandkids. Grandpa Willy was active and healthy throughout his entire life. He was well-nourished and had a sharp brain and lived to almost 90.

He also had a surefire solution to headaches. He believed that headaches were the result of constipation, and that the moment one moved their bowel the headache pain would be gone. Constipation, on the other hand can be caused by eating too much fiber, not doing enough exercise, or being deficient in magnesium or not drinking enough fluids.

I would often beg my eyes and I was amazed to discover that drinking a large glass of water frequently helped my headache disappear. While teenagers, particularly young ones tend to ignore younger generations and go their own wayto live, the grandparents usually know better. Recent research has proven the fact that my father was right about something. It’s not just folk wisdom.

In terms of science, we know the existence of a powerful gut-brain connection.

We’ve all experienced the sensation of having our stomachs growl at the thought of eating a tasty food item. The nervous system of the enteric comprises greater than 100 million nerve cells that form the intestinal tract all the way from throat up to the rectum as per Johns Hopkins Medicine.

The stomach and the brain are so interconnected that having a concussion may cause damage to your digestive health.

“We are blessed with the ability of healing,” Benton said. “We only need to believe in that it is there. The healing lies inside us.”

You probably know the root of your headache. Perhaps it’s stress. Perhaps it’s constipation due to inadequate nutrition or the lack of water or fitness (or any combination of the three). Perhaps you’re overweight, just as I was for a while which is putting stress on your body. Perhaps you’re in disarray in spiritual or physical terms or both.

Take a deep breath. Take a sip of a tall glass of water, or a refreshing, calming green tea. Choose a magnesium supplement that is of high-quality and include more foods that are rich in magnesium in your diet. Make an appointment for the class that you’ve been putting off for a while. Set up an appointment to get an chiropractic adjustment. (Chiropractic treatments can do wonders to my husband’s headaches as well as migraines.) You can also visit an acupuncturist, whose treatment is also extremely helpful.

Then, ask yourself questions about the flavor and color of your headache. When you’ve completed everything the headache will be gone.

Jennifer Margulis is an award-winning science journalist as well as an frequent contributor for the Epoch Times.


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