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By Hugh Wade

Updated Seven hours have passed since the last update. Published seven hours have passed since the last update.

Make a decision for yourself as to whether Diamond Parking is a racket or if you want to park in one of their parking lots.

In May 20th, I stayed on one of their lots for an hour or so. I had paid $6.70 initially. I had stayed over for 1 hour and 25 mins. I was issued an e-ticket. I believe that the initial figure to pay that ticket had been $32.

After getting back to my car , and my ticket was in hand, I rang the number that was on the ticket, in the hope of paying the amount I owed for the time spent parked in excess — or the whole ticket fine. I was determined to solve the issue, and not be faced with the issue over and over. I reached an agent from customer service. He started an appeal. After several additional communications, including by email and phone, presenting the proof of the amount and other evidence. — and for three days later, the issue was finally resolved. Rep. revoked the charge of $32. I have proof in the form of an email. that.

A couple of months later, in the this week, I was served an order for collection for $83. The total amount includes the parking cost of $46.50 plus a handling fee of $6.50 as well as an additional late fee of $30. I’ve been waiting on the wonderful Diamond Parking repeating explanation for about 15 minutes. I’m certain that the next service representative will be in touch with my call as quickly as it is possible as they promise. I’ve only had about 20 minutes and I was given an opportunity to send an email to the Editor!

It’s odd that they don’t create it to be able to pay in advance and later. Maybe they prefer the higher charges and penalties in relation to their revenue gross.

It’s a good thing. A second rep showed up. He canceled the collection. I requested that he send the details to me in an email. I was patient until I received it prior to ending the call. It was a lot of fun.

– Hugh Wade


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